Wednesday, April 12, 2017


// Jeans Jacket: Vintage // Off-Shoulder Top: Dresslink // Jeans: JustFab // Socks: Lamoda // Sneaker: Foot Locker Europe (click here) //

Good day guys!

For a fact, I dont even know where to start .. let's just say a lot has been going on in my life recently. I'll go into detail just now. From an inner, mental study block to passing all my exams I had to accomplish within the semester. It's been a tough and rough year but all glory be to God I manage to pass all of them, which I'm very proud and happy of.
I've been literally waking up early, going to the library, having a short break then continue with studies to then go home and get some rest. This was literally my schedule on a day to day basis. Nobody said studying isn't going to be all that easy and I figured!

Other from that have I been on holidays just a week ago and it was well needed. I've travelled to Santander, Spain with the boyfriend and enjoyed a wonderful one week with great weather and beautiful beaches. I've never been to Spain before. Santander was my first and defo not my last. Eeeexcept the fact that the people out there didn't really know how to speak proper english like clearly none, which gave us a tough time to communicate and move ourselves in the city .. I'll be back again.

In other news, my 22nd birthday is just 2 days away and I'm just so thrilled to celebrate. Excited for my birthday and easter with the family and all ..How are you going to spend easter?

Oh and before I forget, are you digging this look as much as I do? Loving the tumblr-ishy vibe that is happening here. All denim and swaggy. Big thanks to my friends at Foot Locker Europe for sending over the Puma Suede Hearts Reset in yellow. Color right? Thought as for spring I should change up things a little.

Speak soon ..

Much Love xx

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


// Sweater: Missguided // Pants: H&M // Fishnet Socks: Lamoda // Sneaker: Foot Locker (here) //

Happy new week y'all!

Today I'm back with another outfit post of mine. A post that once again shows my appreciation for sneakers.
I've been hooked up by my friends at Foot Locker once again with dapper sneakers that I'm happy to include in my sneaker collection. As I've said already, there can never be too much sneakers in your collection. I'm happy collecting and showing them off. I'm not that that type of person who collects sneakers only for the sake of collecting ..NO! I actually try wearing all of them once in a while.
Sure it's always a pain in the ass to walk outside with fresh new kicks just to get somebody step on them and leaving a huge dirt mark. That's like the worst case scenario while wearing new kicks.
But to be honest, that shouldn't be the reason to store them in a box for over decades. Or do you think differently? Let me know ..

I did add the fishnet detail cause well I thought it looked cute. They might be trending at the moment but that wasn't the reason why I choosed to add it to my look. Wanted to try something different. Personally, to me I don't like the fishnet tights but the socking are okay I guess.

Any trends you've been in love with lately?

Wishing you a great start to the week ..

Much Love xx

Pics by @stillinstalation
Edit by me

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


// Dress: Missguided // Boots: H&M //

Happy Val's Day my loves!

I hope you get to spend an amazing day with your loved ones. Get out, do something special and show the people you love some appreciation. If it may be the cause that your not in a relationship or whatsoever at least show your parents some love for raising you up until the very now and I know that parenthood isn't something easy at all! I grew up in a household of 6 kids as I always say and I sometimes had to take part in parenting which I always loved to do althought my little brother and sisters sometimes got the best out of me .. I'm just saying, get out, show some love, be kind - you get the deal ;)

However, as promised I'm back again with my last official fashion week outfit post. The next one to follow will be my fashion week recap with all experience and things I got to see once again. As I said the last time, my outfit picking had to go pretty fast as I did my fittings super last minute but though I'm happy with how I looked throughout the week. Not that I looked like a super jerk or whatever. 

I'm kinda having this thing for chokers at the moment. I mean, how come not? They're literally everywhere and to me always a good highlight to pop up my simple looks even if you're super casual it just adds some edgyness to it.
As I speak, I just received another package of well mainly chokers haha! Never ending story.
Until next time my loves ..

Much Love xx

Monday, February 6, 2017


// Sweater & Pants: H&M // Adidas Tubular Invader Strap: Foot Locker (here) //

Hey guys !

How have you guys been? If you ask me I'm feeling great.
 As some of you already heard from my Instagram - that I've finished my last exams just last week. I am just feeling so happy to be finally done with and get to catch up with friends, get time to myself and most importantly getting back to the blogosphere as I promised to be back and I'm alwas sticking to my promises. Hope you haven't missed me too much.

As it was fashion week a while ago I did shot a few looks. This one including with the ever so talented Vadim Photography.  I love everything about this look. The simplicity, pattern, color ..just everything!
My friends at Foot Locker spoiled me once again with new sneakers. A girl can never have enough shoes and to me that line is referred on sneakers. Admitting to be a total sneaker head.
Sometimes I ask myself - why do I even have that much of sneakers since I dont really get to wear most of them all the time lol. Crazy isn't it?

However, I do wish you all a great and successful week.

Much Love xx

Photos by Vadim Photography

Sunday, January 29, 2017


// Two-Pieces Dress: Missguided // Boots: H&M // Choker: Gina Tricot //

Enough of the silence! I've been MIA for too long. As I speak right now, I just finished my 8 hours study session for my exams am facing this coming week. Nevertheless, did I made the choice to reveal another post while being at it.

As you guys probably have seen from my social media posts that two weeks ago was fashion week in Berlin. I did made it to attend two days in the week and got a glimpse on what is trending in summer season. Will show you guys all my impression in another post. I'll leave you with my outfit I wore for day one of fashion week. Initially, I planned to be wearing the exact same dress just in white and black leather but apparently something went wrong with the delivery and had to make it work anywho since it was super last minute. Still, I'm in love with the bronzy shade of the dress. Pretty much complimenting the highlight that is going on in my face right haha?

In other news as obvious as it is, I cut all my hair off. It was a super spontanious move though I had thoughts of making that step in the long run. Personally, it is something different indeed and honestly I'm so feeling my short fro. Strictly on a healthy hair journey avoiding all kinds of artificial stuff. Only good things like, Shea Butter, Argan Oil .. for my hair. What do you guys think?

Anyways, another two looks will be up very soon including pictures of coming trends in summer. Will try to post just after my exams.

Until then ..

Much Love xx

Pics by Vadim Photography

Thursday, January 5, 2017


First of all, happy new year guys!  

Hope you enjoyed great company on NYE's and are all set for a new year and new surprises.

One of my many highlights I had in 2016 was visiting Prague for the first time (which btw was on my bucketlist) and staying at the very beautiful, four star andel's hotel (click here) by Vienna House.

I visited with the boyfriend and had such an amazing stay. The team really did it's best to make our short trip unforgettable and felt like home! The hotel comes in a luxury modern, chic design which I love. Everything was just so well set and clean. I personally, love minimalism when it comes to fashion and interior as you guys can tell - so they already had me by that.

As it was the beginning of christmas season we just stayed for a weekend and did our best to see the most of Prague. We also did attend the Prague christmas market by suggestion of the hotel which was so much fun! As well as loads of shopping trips and a lot of eating.

T H E  L O B B Y ..

.. comes in a very spacious and luxury design which I find very comfy to stay in.

T H E  R O O M .. 

From their website you can choose between many kinds of rooms. For example from executive rooms to suites, apartments, studios and more. Basically, rooms for every taste and budget.

We were hooked up with the Superior room (click here) which came with a double bed, working desk, TV area, kitchen & bathroom. I was so spoiled by the gifts the hotel prepared for me at the arrival. They put on some fruits and  chocolate/vanilla maccarons on the desk as well as small gifts like lip balm, cards and many more. How highly of them right?

K I T C H E N  A R E A ..

We didn't use the kitchen as much. Just for the minibar and to get some tea. Oh and by the way, they had the most delicious tea. I'm such a sucker for all kinds of fruit tea and very picky when it comes to it you must know .. I love a strong and not too sweet tea.

Sweet welcoming note by the hotel

T H E  B A T H R O O M ..

.. including a shower and tub

T H E  D I N N I N G  R O O M ..

.. modern & spacious

We suited ourselves with mostly everything since the hotel has a very wide range of mostly all kinds of treats and even organics. From different kind of bread to fruits, salad, cereals even asian breakfast and more.

Delicious fruit infused water 

A S I A N  B R E A K F A S T ..

All in all we had an amazing stay and I can only speak highly of it. Will definetely visit again since sadly we couldn't see all of Praha in that short period of time.

Find more of the Vienna House (here) 

 // Has anyone of you been to Praha before? //

Have a lovely week guys 

Much Love xx

Note: While this post has been generously sponsored by andel's hotel Praha,, all opinions within this post are exclusively mine.