Thursday, June 26, 2014


Cozy Boyfriend look



Well I haven't create a set on polyvore for a while, so I deciced to get started again. This three looks are totally refering my own way of style esp the first because I'm on an comfy trip lately and love to wear distressed boyfriend jeans, rounded sunnies and crop tops as well.
Can't you feel the coziness in it? So me huh?

LOOK 1 // As already mention before it's more an comfy outfit for an relaed afternoon with friends, maybe shopping tour or whatever. Combined with an crop top, BJ jeans and some chunky boots & long cardigan.

LOOK 2 //  For all the fashionista out there, who love to catch attention on a party or somewhere like that. Choosed the rounded sunny because it's just perfect for it and so on trend these days.
I think besides black, red is a really nice colour and maybe I'll go red sometime.

LOOK 3 //  A spacey, metallic look. Don't know what came in my mind while creating this one, I guess I was just trying something new and this came out. But it's pretty nice. Like it!
Classy and trendy.

What you think of this & which one do you prefer?

Hope you enjoy your week so far!

Much love xx

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