Monday, July 14, 2014


Bikini Berlin

Harper's Baazar

Fashion talk with Tomaszewski

Look for that day

Top, Shoes, Bag & Hat: H&M
Pants: Monki

Fashionblogger Café

Selfie- time

So many things in just one of the three goodie bags
The business cards

Mercedes Benz Show: Chatty & Antipearle

Milosh the PR of Antipearle in the middle

The fashionisto himself Sandor Elam

The georgous Bonnie Strange

     Me & Rolfe Schneider - Paulina & Bonnie Strange

Top, Pants, Sneakers, Bag & Necklace: H&M
Blouse: Primark

Major picture overload and lots of impressions of the berlin fashionweek, I know! But seriously it was such a great time and the best week I've ever had.

Starting with the Fashionblogger Café where I got to know the lovely Miss Paulina, Anita & Ann-Kathrin who are also blogger based in Germany.
Well,  it all took place at the Café Pier 13 and we had such a great time together and guess what every single food or drink that you saw in the pictures before was all for free. Including a massage, make-up and more. Seriously!

I've already told you in my last post that I've printed my own business cards the other day and  took about 15 with me because I didn't believe that I would have to share that much but believe me all got empty and I even needed more. Shared those cards with sponsors, designers, bloggers, prominents etc.
Also got interviewd by a camera team for the Mercedes Benz page and stylight.

So besides meeting Paulina and Antia I also or we also got to know Ann-Kathirn who is an amazing blogger.
 After a successful day at Fashionblogger Café Ann-Kathrin asked us if we would like to join her to the main show of that particulary week which was the Mercedes Benz Show of Chatty & Antipearle and we all was like, sure we want to!
So we headed straight to that show, there we met Milosh who is the PR of the jewerly brand Antipearle and is such a friendly and humble person.

I so loved the jewerly collection. Its all edgy, unique and so elegnat as well. If you like just check out the website. (click here)

Milosh told us that there is a fashion week soon in Prague and he would love to see us there.Firstly I didn't even know that a fashion week even exitst there but yes it does and I am so happy that he invited us.

But that's still not all. We almost had our seats in the legendary front row - almost just because me and Paulina missed the opening of the show simply because we got in a conversation with Bonnie Strange (a German IT-girl). I so adore her style, she has such an great sense of fashion btw. During the conversation, she compliments me for my look and wants me as model for her own Label The Shit Shop and I was like whaaat? Are you fucking kidding me? Is that really happening?!. I don't wanna lie, my mouth was shut for a second because yea I couldn't realise the whole thing. I only asked for a photo with her and didn't expect that to happen. This really showed me that everything is possible. However they placed the two of us in the third row and I wasn't mad or so because at least we were there, had a really good view tho and all paid off at the end.

So to sum it up, I really enjoyed the show and got to know so many nice people. It was a whole success and I can't wait to work with Bonnie and to be in Prague soon.

Ps. The post about the Anaglyph show is coming up soon.

Hope you had a great weekend too

Much Love xx

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