Monday, August 25, 2014


Met the lovely Miss Bonnie Strange again

// Dress: Mango // Shoes: Amsterdam // Bagpack: Primark // Chain: WE Fashion // Glasses, Earrings & Ring: H&M //

  My weekend went very well. Some blogger friends and I decided to attend the Blogger Bazaar on saturday and it was so much fun.
The aim of the event was to get the opportunity to shop the closet of some well known bloggers based in Germany and to connect with brands and people as well.

The time we got there and bought our tickets at the entrance, people got noticed of us and wanted to take some pictures. We didn't had any issues with that at all. The fact that they wanted a picture was even more of a pleasure.

We first did a tour throw the whole location  just to check all the items of the sellers and to get a first impression.
During that I saw some stuffs I really liked and immediately had to buy them. The colourful twin-set, golden sunnies, black clutch and parfume by KIKO seen in the pics before were my gatherings. I know, I know it seems to be fall in Germany already but I couldn't live with the fact of not buying the amazing twin-set and sunnies. I just had too and  even made a very good deal! All for 20€!!!
I literally searched through every rack like a psycho but it all paid out haha. I'm so happy with my new items and if I can't wear them this season, I will probably do so next summer. Maybe I find a way to wear them in fall already, paired with some tights, a scarf, jacket whatever. I'll find a way.

Anyway how did your weekend went so far?

Much Love xx

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