Wednesday, June 24, 2015



// Cardigan: Gina Tricot // High Waist Jeans: Monki // Lace Top & Boots: H&M // Sunnies: New Yorker //

Happy Midweek guys!

I know, I know I've been gone now for two weeks which is long and I feel bad. I have to blame it on my busy schedule. I've started working at a clothing store again and beside that I've been working on many amazing projects that I'm going to reveal shortly. Obviously, from all the business I had to disappear literally! Even made a break from Instagram and Instagram basically always has been my favourite social media where I post stuff daily but yes, even there. But now that things are slowly working by itself I don't have to put in much time and work I had to at the beginning. 
Nevertheless, I'm now back with a new outfit I wore the weekend while meeting with friends.

Another thing is that the weather over here is so much tripping. Only last week I thought summer really arrived but I enjoyed it way too soon. Imagine, we're already in June almost July and it still feels kinda like spring. Which explains my outfit. Yes, I can still wear boots and a cardigan so summer isn't there yet - unfortunately! 

However, how do you like my new lace top I bought at the H&M sales for like 5€. Such a bargain that I had to purchase. 

I wish you a lovely and productive week. Talk to you soon ..

Much Love xx

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