Sunday, February 14, 2016


Breeny // Samah // Lois // Yanin // Lori (me) // Joéva // Juliette

// Coat, Mesh-Body, Boots & Bagpack: Even&Odd // Pants: H&M // Necklace: Happiness Boutique //

Happy Valentines Day my Loves!

Hope you've been spending a warm and cozy day (inside) with your loved ones. It's hella cold out here - same as it was while we were shooting our Even&Odd (click) outfits during #BAxMBFWB.
All I can remember was the cold. We were literally standing out for like hours, to me it felt like ages. Couldn't feel my hands, nor my body! Despite the cold we had so much fun, roamed & goofed around in this bitterly cold. The sky turned out so great didn't it? Made it easy for our photographer to capture those speacial moments. I'm complety in love with our looks specially with mine since the fluffy faux fur coat kept me a lil warmer than the others among the shoot lol.

How do you like our outfits by Even&Odd? Visit their website to see more here.

Have a lovely rest weekend ..

#BAXMBFWB #bloggerapartmentberlin

Much Love xx

Photos by: Mk-Fotodesign

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