Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Serious Hair Talk: Hairfinity?

(post today only in english)

   Heard about those Vitamins for faster hair growth?
I do now! Because in germany we don't get rid of all these amazing products made in UK or USA either. We are like late comers in hair matters.
Yesterday i was browsing on Instagram and there was a post of a girl who uses Hairfinity by BROCKBEAUTY.
It says that even if you use this pills for one mounth you'll get to see some huge changes of hairstructure and length. And it's also for every hairtypes!
I couldn't believe that so i watched some reviews on youtube and it really works as i get to know. It also help to develope the growth of nails. (Finally an easier and cheeper alternative to get longer nails also. I been havin these false and expensive nails lately. So i think and hope that the false nails are not needed anymore. They were breaking my nails anyway
And so I decided to get the product hopefully by next month and tryin this at least for 1 month and if it really works and help me to achieve longer and healthier hair and nails i'll continue using it.
Can't wait for the challenge!!

1 Bottle - 24 $ (almost 17 €) - If it really do what it says i'm very happy with the price.

Just check out the website if you want to hear or see more! (here)

Do you have any experience in taking such products by yourself and what was your expression on it?
Did you gain good results also or maybe not so good ones?

Just let me know down under..

Thanks for passing by!
Much love xx

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