Monday, February 22, 2016


// Coat: Pull & Bear // Sweater: Gina Tricot // Leather Joggin: H&M // Shopper: Even&Odd // Tubular Defiant: Foot Locker Europe (here) //

 Happy new week y'all!

Hope you all got to enjoy your weekend? I did enjoy bits of it, such as getting some sleep done since it was long overdue. University has been keeping me up long lately. Just as I thought I could at least rest during uni break I was proved wrong since I have to face some exams during holidays.
Maths is one of it and I'm clearly not really looking forward to it! 'Am I the only one who doesn't have a thing for maths?..

Anyways, I've been recently hooked up by Foot Locker Europe again with some very dapper sneakers that brought me back to a lil excitement in this maths mess!

I got to choose this Tubular Defiant sneakers by Adidas which kind off remind me of the Yeezy type. And the hype for Yeezy's has been real! I personally know people that stood outside rowing or even camped outside stores for days just to get their hands on a pair. Too much for my liking. But I have to give Kanye that his sneakers do look great and maybe are all the wait worth.

However, am I happy with my choice! They're not just great in design but also on the minimalistic side and comfy. Been wearing those since I remember getting them.

Thanks to my friends at Foot Locker!

Much Love xx

Pics by: Lois
Edits by me
 Note: While this post has been generously sponsored by Foot Locker, all opinions within this post are exclusively mine.

Sunday, February 14, 2016


Breeny // Samah // Lois // Yanin // Lori (me) // Joéva // Juliette

// Coat, Mesh-Body, Boots & Bagpack: Even&Odd // Pants: H&M // Necklace: Happiness Boutique //

Happy Valentines Day my Loves!

Hope you've been spending a warm and cozy day (inside) with your loved ones. It's hella cold out here - same as it was while we were shooting our Even&Odd (click) outfits during #BAxMBFWB.
All I can remember was the cold. We were literally standing out for like hours, to me it felt like ages. Couldn't feel my hands, nor my body! Despite the cold we had so much fun, roamed & goofed around in this bitterly cold. The sky turned out so great didn't it? Made it easy for our photographer to capture those speacial moments. I'm complety in love with our looks specially with mine since the fluffy faux fur coat kept me a lil warmer than the others among the shoot lol.

How do you like our outfits by Even&Odd? Visit their website to see more here.

Have a lovely rest weekend ..

#BAXMBFWB #bloggerapartmentberlin

Much Love xx

Photos by: Mk-Fotodesign

Friday, February 5, 2016


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin .. it was about that time again a few weeks ago and I enjoyed good company during the week in another Blogger Apartment constellation including Yanin from Idressmyselff, Juliette from Romeo's Fashion Fix, Breeny from Breeny Lee, Wilson from Black Whimsy, Joéva from La Fashion War, Lois from L is for Lois & of course Samah my partner in crime and Co-Founder of Blogger Apartment.

For those of you who don't know the actual cause behind Blogger Apartment and what it's all about - make sure to check my post from our previous project (here).

Well ..Where do I even start?

This week has been crazy and so much fun. Loved being around such amazing people!
We enjoyed many many shows during the fashion week and also had a great time at the apartment. Besides from fashion shoots with our official partner Even&Odd (click)  by Zalando we had great company of delish meals by Thamm Catering for our Welcome-Dinner as well as drinks by Evian x Kenzo, the new Mate Mate drink by Thomas Henry and our fav refreshing champagne & Secco by Katlenburger Kellerei.

That's not all for the week. During our Beauty/ Come-Together day at the apartment we loved having goodies by Mey Bodywear, CD skin-care as well as shower gels by Original Source! By the amount of shower gels we have, we can defo survive for at least a decade or so haha!

Our schedule for the week pretty much looked like that: Breakfast (if we had time to), shows, shows and more shows! Followed by several shoots, selfie-action, fittings, lunch, dinners, after parties and so on .. You can imagine with a busy schedule as that we sometimes went through a few rough paths but at the end of the day again managed to get to our shows & shoots in time while not totally freezing in the cold. It was like legit -11 degrees out there and we were literally all shooting outside in the snow.

Big shout-out to our photographer Maurice Köder for sticking around the week and getting along with us girls lol. We clearly, not always made it easy on him!
Will show you more pictures from our shoot with Even&Odd in another post very soon!

Before I talk too much, let me just share the pictures with you and let them take the lead right? (cause I'm not that kind of person who wants to make things endlessy long lol) :

Samah & I always working ..

Delish goods at our Apartment Welcome-Dinner

Mate Mate by Thomas Henry


 @ Sadak

@ Lena Hoschek:

@ Kilian Kerner:

@ Xavi Reyes:

@ Zukker:

@ Steinrohner:

Roaming around at the Mercedes Benz tent:

Street Style Fun:

Beauty/ Come-Together at the Apartment:

Our lovely guests

Our girl Lois got face beated by the ever so talented Adiam. Click (here) to see more of her work

Samah choosing her henna tattoo design ..

Henna by @cabo_malerei (IG)

Dinner at Schatz Restaurant:

Somebody must have said something real shocking - thats the only way I can explain my faceture in that picture haha

Dining with bloggers means everybody's literally on they're phones ..

Behind the scenes from our Even&Odd shoot:

 That's how you keep yourself warm in this bitterly -11 degrees hell by wrapping up in a stylish (faux) fur coat .. You did it right Maurice haha ..

.. more pictures to come!

And that pretty much was a wrap! We had so much fun and I can't wait for our next steps. Gonna miss all those lovely people. Thank you for joining this project and making it as awesome as it was! <3

Also a big thanks to all our sponsors & partners:

Even&Odd: @evenandodd_official | FB: (here)
 Mey Bodywear: (here)
Evian x Kenzo: @evianwater | (here)
 Katlenburger Kellerei: @katlenburger_kellerei | (here)
Mate Mate: @mateofficial | (here)
 Thamm Catering: (here) | FB:(here)
Schatz Restaurant: (here)
Original Source: @originalsourcegermany | (here)
CD Skin Care: (here)

Make-Up Artist: Adiam Habtesion (here)
Henna Design by Cabo Malerei (here)
Photographer: Maurice Köder (here)

#BAXMBFWB #bloggerapartmentberlin

Stay tuned for more footage on our Even&Odd shoot including all the looks as well as our Blogger Apartment video that is soon going to drop! In the meantime do check out the vlog of  Yanin (Idressmyselff) about our week (here)

Thanks for reading!

Much Love xx