Friday, March 4, 2016


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Haven't we all been sick and tired of this winter? I personally am ..although I'm the autumn kind. But clearly this winter has been cold and not really pretty! I'm so longing for warmer days and deciced to give us all a moment to think of summer that is hopefully soon going to drop it's sunshines and brightness real quick! 

Already, been literally browsing on online shops for beachwear and been stocking my bag with so many pieces that need to be selected. Just imagine, I've been on several website and left with a full shopping bag. Haven't made up my mind to actually check-out since I can't feel that summer is near! I'm just sick and tired of winter honestly. Want to be at the beach as in now and show off my beach body and fashion right? Also have I been loving a glowing skin lately. Loving all things golden & bronzy in a highlight for make-up and I'm sure that there's going to be more of it in summer ..

Hope that those of you, that are still kinda stuck in winter such as me could at least feel bits of summer with my quick summer inspo.

Much Love xx