Saturday, November 29, 2014


// Mesh shirt: store in Amsterdam // Coat: H&M // Fluffy scarf: asos // Slip-ons: Amsterdam // Headpiece: Ebay //

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with the fam. I myself I'm right now enjoying all of the sales that these holidays are bringing with. Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday deals ..
Yesterday I did some late night shopping and bought some really really nice pieces and I even could tick some things out of my to buy list/wishlist. So stay tuned for that.

Todays post is about a fashion event that some of my friends and I attended last weekend. 
A fashion party so called with hotchocolate for this ridiculous cold weather, american tattoos and vintage shopping. I didn't get tatted because I am too much of a pussy but in other news my co-blogger aka photographer Romy did.
 Speaking of the weather - it is so cold that every time I go out my body esp. hands and feet are freezing  like it was already winter. Bad news for me and all the livings in Germany is that over here in Berlin city it's going to snow the coming week. I ain't ready for this!!
Now I got to a part where I'm literally done enjoying autumn a little bit and I'm free for spring and summer to come! Let's skip this winter please!

Much Love xx

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Autumn Essentials



Today I created some autumn sets of things that I would wear and wishing to have. So it's basically a mix of my wishlist and some prefered autumn looks.
Those three looks are basic and quite comfy looks. Definetely something I would wear for my every day life.
It's no secret that I love to wear long coats, sneakers and of course hats. At the moment on my wishlist are: Nike Air Force 1, a plain- neutral long and warm coat and a Daniel Wellington watch that I've been literally craving for so long. But dang they aren't cheap tho!
I've realized that those classic Adidas and Nike Air Force 1 sneaker that we used to wear in the past are becoming trend again. Fashion and trends doesn't fade just like that, they come over and over again over the years.
However, luckily christmas is near and maybe my parents will be willing to get me some of these pieces.
(Down below you'll find similar pieces with direct links.)

What is in your opinion still missing in your closet?

Much Love xx

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


// Sweater: Alexander Wang x HM // Maxiskirt: Primark // Boots: Boohoo // Headpiece: Ebay // Rings: Bershka //

Wow time's passing really quick and it's almost christimas, which means the years almost over. And I've been gone for too long too. Had to deal with several issues. First was that we were having bad rainy days lately and so I wasn't able to do any outdoor outfit pics. And whoaa the days have been really short this days. It literally gets dark before 5 pm which isn't even evening at all. 
Well and one issue too was that I had to deal with the fact of not having my own camera yet. It really sucks to be forced to depend on others. But I told myself that I'll order one soon since I've started working again.

However enough excuses for now!
'I'm Wanging' is the headline of todays post and yeah I finally was lucky enough to purchase one of H&M's this years collaboration with the New Yorker designer Alexander Wang that everyone was extremely hyping. The hype was real!
Nevertheless I saved myself from pushing and serious screming action by ordering my sweater online. I have to admit it wasn't easy though. You had to deal with beeing placed in a queue like the whole time. Once you made it through -at the end you had to wait again to get to the checkout. Horrible but worth it I guess.
First when I got my sweater and tried it on I honestly wasn't that impressed because it was too much oversized on the arm parts and really hard to handle for the daily life. But thank god with the right additional pieces that i put on for todays outfit I accepted to give it another shot and keep it.

Did you purchase pieces of the Alexander Wang x HM collection too? If yes, did you made the line or prefered the online way as well?

Much love xx

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


// Blazer: Gina Tricot // Tee: Primark // Skirt: H&M // Boots: Boohoo // Ring: Bershka // Earrings: WE Fashion // 

Missed me already guys? .. Well I'm back with a new more classy outfit. Of course the colour black had to be the main colour, cause you know it's my favourite so I won't avoid rocking black (Even though my mum hates me for wearing black so often lol). 
Luckily a friend of mine moved to another place (still in town) and had too much clothes that won't even fit in her new home. So she deciced to give them away like I mean for a good cause. She made me really happy with all that stuff. Some of them even had the price tags still on it, well mostly every piece. I was the first one who went to her home of course to grab all the good stuffs before others do. I was able to get some fine and classy tops, leggins, pants, dresses, tons of skirts, jewerlies and even some coats. Salute to my friend Elsie, you really made me happy. God bless ya!

Let me tell you what I love about this look is that it's a still kinda summer look but still appropriate for autumn. I'm crazy about the mesh skirt as I've been honestly wanted one like this in forever and my girl blessed me with a brand new one finally. Also love the RUN DMC tee which is so cool and perfect for a cozy touch in a classy look. I've been also wearing it at home when I felt lazy which is most of the time lol. But I still wanted to save that tee for one of my outfit posts.

Which summer pieces will you still be rocking this autumn?

Much Love xx