Thursday, November 9, 2017


// Hoodie, Pants & Bag: Bershka // Jeans Jacket: Vintage // Sneaker: Foot Locker (click here) //

Happy autumn from my side too!

Finally my favourite time of the year has come. It's autumm time which to me is the coziest season of them all.
I'm all in for layering and comfy looks, hot homemade lemon tea, pumpkin soup and all that jazz.
Been literally walking around in grey sweats all day. Don't blame me - they're suuuper comfy!

I've always liked summer for it's summery beach looks, tan and all but I'm so over that tbh. Been longing for comfy looks in like forever.

However, guys - you can't imagine how happy I was to be sent the Fenty Creepers from the fam at Foot Locker. I've been longing to have them since they first launched and Foot Locker did get their hands on them for mey!
Love everything about them creeps. Firstly the shade, the extra kinda plateaus and just the suede texture and it's details. Oh and of course that they're FENTY's haha!

Thanks to Foot Locker once again. You truely made me happy.

In other news, a few weeks ago as some of you might already have seen on my Insta Stories, I've been invited (again) by the team of Foot Locker to join the concert of the pop singer Dua Lipa. It's been just a fun night and cool people to hang with. If you didn't know, Dua Lipa is a brand ambassador of FL's. Now you know ;)

Since I've told you guys my fav things when it comes to autumn, I would love to hear yours :)

Hit me up in the comment section.

Have a lovely weekend!

Much Love xx

Pictures by Vadim Photography

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