Wednesday, October 29, 2014


// Shirt, Fur Vest, Leather Jacket & Hat: H&M // Jeans: Weekday // Boots: Boohoo // Ring: Bershka //

Since the clock has been set one hour back I can finally get more sleep and do more things.
It's always such a relief when it comes to that time though it obviously gets darker earlier. But if it's just the fact that the days seem to be shorter I definetely can cope with it. I mean who else wouldn't prefer sleeping and more time over anything? Well, me at least. 

However this pictures has been taking yesterday with my fellow blogger Romy .. again.
We decided to shoot at a park to have a more kinda autumn atmosphere. Love when the leaves are falling with its different colours. 

Well, my outfit is quite cozy and casual (as always).
The fur vest has been in my closet for about more than 2 or 3 years now and I realized that I've never worn it on one of my outfit post. So I finally took the chance to change that and show it now. Added a long shirt, leather jacket. a jeans, my funky heels and of course my everday accessories the hat.
I feel like autumn and winter are the only season where you can make use of a very good and warm layering.

Hope you guys enjoy the day so far!

Much Love xx

Friday, October 24, 2014


Hey everybody!

Here is just a quick post about things and stuffs that I've been obsessed lately via Tumblr and mostly Instragram, Who has been following me on Instagram knows that I'm literally addicted to it, I really am haha!

However I love everything that has to deal with minimalism. If it's an interior design, fashion or just photography, I do love them all. Due the autumn time I'm also trying to stick more to the minimalistic road as autumn used to be a chilly quite lazy season for me.
Black and white don't have to mention cause you already know are one of my favourite colours.

Since I've been seeing the preview fashion show of Alexander Wang I fell in love with some pieces immediately,
The cozy grey sweater. I simply love it! So I'm obessively trying to get at least the sweater of the collection, Wish me luck that it won't be too expensive.

Any trends that you've been up to lately?

Much Love xx

Monday, October 20, 2014


// Coat, Top, Shoes, Bag & Hat: H&M // Mom Jeans: Forever 21 / Ring: Bershka //

What I always loved about autumn is the simpleness that you can create in each outfit, more the cosyness. You can make it yourself easy by putting just some common pieces just as I did together. I guess the whole eyecatcher in my outfit is probably my coat that I love soo much! Could possibly be my everyday coat for this season. I luckily purchased it last week on the H&M sales for less. Along with that I do love my distressed mom jeans, since I've been searching for one like this in forever.

I've been also in a way addicted to hats lately which is the reason why you may not see me without. So I need to get myself more of this stylish hats asap. As mentioned before refering to myself it's really easy to dress up for autumn without any huge effort and I don't usually add lots of jewerlies. One or two is enough in my opinion but it still depends sort of. 

What do you love or looking forward to wear this autumn/winter? 

Much Love xx

Friday, October 17, 2014


// Coat: Boohoo // Tee: Mavi // Hat & Shoes: H&M // Ring: Bershka // Bracelet: Lola and Grace //

The other day I went to an fashion event at the Lnfa store in Bikini Berlin. It was more an auction where a young designer Thomas Hanisch selled his own creation worn by Lady Gaga herself. How crazy is that at his young age and as a beginner to be noticed by Gaga?  
Along with that there were also many more attractions like a tombola where you could win some prices of course. The first place would win a dinner with Thomas (the designer) and second some pieces of his collection. Yea and guess who won the first price? Yeaa me! Haven't realized it till now anyway :) Hope that it's not gonna be a akward meeting but I guess not because he seemed to be a funny and nice guy. So there is a lot fun to follow.
It was an amazing but different event. I also met some designer, blogger friends of mine that I haven't seen in a while, so there was definetely a lot to talk about. Some german celebrities were also among.
At the end of the whole event we all got a goodie which was the Glossybox with a few beauty products.

Much Love xx

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


 Hey guys!

If you might remember I told you a month ago about a up coming shoot that a photographer wanted to do with me. I've received the pics last week and wanted to share them with you now.

This beauty shoot was anything but "average". Diana's (photographer) idea of the shoot was to use all the funky and bold colours on my skin as such shades tend to look amazing on darker skin tones. I myself loved how the make-up artist brought my lips into the right shade.
 Of course it was something different for me and kinda crazy but at the end of the day I could make new experiences and had lot of fun working with Diana and the make-up artist.

What do you think about those pics?

Much Love xx