Sunday, August 27, 2017


- F O R  H I M - 

- F O R  H E R -

Happy Sunday!

From the title you can guess that today it's all about beauty, THE SCENT to be exact.
To me, personally I do care a lot for my skin, hair just beauty in general.
Lately though I've been caring Aaah lot for my hair since I've started this natural hair journey which you guys know for about 8 months straight now! Yay!!
But this doesn't mean that I'm neglecting all other routines that comes to beauty. Hair in general but natural type four hair precisely takes a lot more time than skin care, putting on fragrance and so on.  At least I've experienced that.
 It is actually such a relief that perfumes come in a finished bottled and you are only to choose which overtone, heart note & base note .. which kinda makes it easier compared to choosing which hair products.  Because that's a whole other story!

Flaconi has always been my number one, go to website for all things perfume. And I'm saying that because I've been ditching local beauty & supplier stores for quite some time.
Reason being that those shops are much more expensive in comparison to online shops. Since I'm all about making bargains and saving money this seems like the perfect way to me.
I mean who doesn't want to save some coins right?

I know that some people still like to actually go shopping rather than being in bed/home/office shopping. It's the same with clothing shopping.
I've been ditching those stores as well since let me be honest .. it is more convenient!
I'm a cozy person so if there's a chance to stay at home, do all the shopping and receiving my delivery within a few days, I'm taking it!
However, still to mention that it is hard to find a scent online. No lie! So what I did before was to actually go in stores (yes haha)  and seek for the perfect scent and since I've found my perfume a while ago there's no need for me to visit a beauty & supplier store any time soon.

My all time favourite as you guys might know is still the Giorgio Armani Sí.
Knowing that the new Hugo Boss The Scent Intense perfume has quite a similar note. I love a fruitty but also rose ingredient perfume that has some elegance to it. The Scent for her includes peach, devilwood flowers and roasted cocoa beans. Whereas the Si includes some vanilla instead of the beans. But yet similiar and fruitty does the Hugo Boss comes in.
A good option for me to sometimes change up the game. However, the boyfriend doesn't like me changing perfume at all haha! But he did approve on The Scent which is rare!

My boyfriend also got hooked up with the for him eau de perfume Boss The Scent Intense.
Both perfumes compliment each other and smell similar only with minimal differences like cardamom and some vanilla extract in the guys version to make it more dominant, resistant just manly.
If you ask me - the perfect match which I've experienced and loving the fact that the boyfriend and I now have matching perfumes. Cute right?

Wishing you a great week!

Much Love xx

Note: While this post has been generously sponsored by Flaconi,, all opinions within this post are exclusively mine.

Sunday, August 6, 2017


// Top & Pants: Zara // Boots: H&M // Glasses: Custom made by Brille24 // Bag: Abury (click here) //

Happy Sunday!
It's been a while you guys .. again! Missing those days when I posted like at least once a week. Being at university and at the same time trying to be present on social media and all is nothing easy from what I can tell. I admire each and everyone who can manage such a busy schedule and still being able to post so regulary. To me, its nothing easy and to be honest and I've said it like multiple times (I know) but I've have to set my priorities and to me education comes before everything. Without a degree at the end of the day nothing makes sense.

However, as you all know fashion week was one month ago and I did attend most of the shows and events despite the fact of still visiting uni. 
I had great company of Eliza from Fashion Confession and my partner in crime and business partner Samah who I created Blogger Apartment with.
Speaking of which, due to the Blogger Apartment we collab with many fashion and beauty brands and Abury was one of them which I was very happy of. What I love about Abury is that they're really concious of which fabrics to choose and to produce. It's all about celebrating ethinicity, raising awareness in this superficial world. Their these season collection is all about Morocco as you might tell from the tribal vibe seen above.

 All three of us got hooked up with such amazing bags. I mean, aren't they just lovely? Mine is the straw and leather canteen bag Ivan.
We did get a lot of compliments wearing these badass out to fashion week. And guess what, they're on sale. Handmade pieces for the win haaha!

Wishing you a great week ahead. I'll be off to many places due to semester break. Just came back from an event I had the other day in Oberhausen with Garnier. Was so much fun!

Much Love xx

Pictures by Vadim Photography