Monday, August 25, 2014


Met the lovely Miss Bonnie Strange again

// Dress: Mango // Shoes: Amsterdam // Bagpack: Primark // Chain: WE Fashion // Glasses, Earrings & Ring: H&M //

  My weekend went very well. Some blogger friends and I decided to attend the Blogger Bazaar on saturday and it was so much fun.
The aim of the event was to get the opportunity to shop the closet of some well known bloggers based in Germany and to connect with brands and people as well.

The time we got there and bought our tickets at the entrance, people got noticed of us and wanted to take some pictures. We didn't had any issues with that at all. The fact that they wanted a picture was even more of a pleasure.

We first did a tour throw the whole location  just to check all the items of the sellers and to get a first impression.
During that I saw some stuffs I really liked and immediately had to buy them. The colourful twin-set, golden sunnies, black clutch and parfume by KIKO seen in the pics before were my gatherings. I know, I know it seems to be fall in Germany already but I couldn't live with the fact of not buying the amazing twin-set and sunnies. I just had too and  even made a very good deal! All for 20€!!!
I literally searched through every rack like a psycho but it all paid out haha. I'm so happy with my new items and if I can't wear them this season, I will probably do so next summer. Maybe I find a way to wear them in fall already, paired with some tights, a scarf, jacket whatever. I'll find a way.

Anyway how did your weekend went so far?

Much Love xx

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


  ~ Silence is a true friend who never betrays ~

 // Jersey: BB Jeans Amsterdam // Pants: Weekday // Shoes: small store in Amsterdam // Clutch: Primark // Bracelet: XII-XIII // Headpiece: Ebay //

First off I thought its officially still summer but I was wrong in that point because in Berlin its getting colder and colder. Feeling like we've entered fall already!
But anyway fall is one of my fav season so I guess I can cope with the early start.

However in one of my last posts I promised to provide you with some gatherings of my Holland trip.
The jersey and snail printed black slip ons were one of my favourite pieces I could receive.
And I'm so in love with the mesh deatil on my jersey but not only with that, also with the colours. I love black but white isn't bad at all. Its a great match together and I always wanted a jersey like that so bad and luckily I have it now. Thank god!

Any thoughts?

Much Love xx

Sunday, August 17, 2014


 Big thanks to my lovely Miss Nerline from  Chic from Hair to Toe for nominating my blog to receive the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. It means a lot to me and the fact that I do inspire you makes me feel more honoured. Also a big shoutout to all my lovely followers and readers for your daily support and taking your time to read my posts and share your opinion with me.

The Rules:

- Thank and link the person who nominated you-
- List the rules and display the award.
- Share seven facts about yourself
- Nominate 15 other blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
- Optional: Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

Here we go - 7 Facts about me:

1) Don't laugh at me but I love Disnep movies. From Cinderella to High School Musical. It's been my daily supporter during my young ages.

2) I love everything spicy esp. mexican and african food but I also have a favour for asian food.

3) Ugh but I hate cheese, except on pizza burgers.

4) I really want to live in America in future.

5) I hate the fact that I grew up with german instead of english. It would make everything easier.

6) I'm a sucker for chocolate, candies basically all sweets!

7) I'm not a party girl. My bed and I built up a very close relationship so aint nobody gone change that.

And my nominees are:


Much Love xx

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Well here I am once again back at the blogging stuff after a few weeks. During my vacation to the Netherlands I really missed the whole blogging world to be honest and the fact that I couldn't really keep up with you guys was terrible! Sadly, I forgot my laptop in Germany (yes, I really did!)  so it wasn't possible to post anything earlier.

But nevertheless, I had the most amazing time but I feel like I'll be only able to share a tiny fraction of the experiences that I enjoyed over the past seven days.

However Zaandam is the town where I got to know Netherland in a quite silent way. Simply because it's a small town with not so many people living, many houses and lakes.  But at least I could escape from work and relax in my aunties garden where I used to spend most of my time.
For me as a city girl it was something new and different to live under such circumtances and I felt like there is still some action missing, esp. I needed space to shop, time for sightseeing and to get to know the famous fashion metropole more better.

Keyword: Amsterdam

Oh I so loved Amsterdam - small city full of enjoyments, sophisicated people and shops to die for.
There is a specific street with so many different stores that is named .. ehm well I actually forgot the name but I guess it's the only street that has plenty of stuffs to offer.
Whatsoever, if you finally reach there you'll make your own impression and probably shop till you drop, seriously. Shops that I don't even know that they do exist.
But don't worry I'll be showing you my gatherings in one of my next posts, I promise.

My fam and I also visited the theme park Efteling near Amsterdam and it was so much fun. Just for the record, I asked for action, well there I got action! From rollercoaster to haunted houses, major food and so on. Normally I would never go on rollercoasters but I really did and not the smaller types, no! the huge ones with loopings, water and fire elements and going from up to down. I was really proud of myself.

But let me tell you something those holland people have the most weirdest language ever. It's sounds like a mix of arabic, english and german just in one haha but at least they seemed to be nice people.

As summer is nearly coming to an end, I would love to know how you got to spent your summer so far?

Much Love xx