Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fashion Hero #3

Sorry guys I couldn't make it to post earlier. I was to busy the whole week but any way here my favourite pieces of the 3rd show wednesday.

My absolutely favourite designers are Kunstreich & Horst because they don't really work on an plan they are just doing it and hoping for the best. Kind of chaotic but with perfect results.
Typical for them are, that they are using some neon colours as an small touch to their collection.
But I i like it.

Here the pieces of the 3rd show of them


And my absolutely favourite is this parka

I love it and you?

x Lori

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Who wore it better ?

Kim Kardashian vs. Jennifer Hudson

Amber Heard vs. Kerry Washington

Diane Kruger vs. Rose Byrne

Vanessa Hudsons vs. Kyle Minogue

Hayden Panettriere vs. Nicki Minaj

What do you think?

x Lori

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Are you a Fashion Hero?

Wohooo .. Did you see Fashion Hero last night on Prosieben?
I did!
It was so amazing. I couldn't stop smiling :)

You don't know what FASHION HERO is ?!
Then I'm going to tell you!

Its a fashion show of course but all about the designers not the models!
The designers have to proove themselves in that show. They have to impress the shoopers from Karstadt, s. Oliver and asos.
If they get NO OFFER they didnt make it to the next round but if they do they get in the designers loft and earn real money for they collection.
So thats it a little impression of the show.
Every wednesday at 8.15 pm on Prosieben.

My Favourite pieces from the fist show last week was this shirt by Marco Hantel.
Have a look ..

Gorgeous right ?
I love that deep neck .. kind of sexy ! And the colours ..ahhhhh !!

And here my fav pieces of the second show yesterday.

By Jila & Jale for asos

Unfortunately sold out!
I didnt get one.
I looked over the online shop and wanted to buy it now! But nooo ! SOLD OUT 
 Poor me :(


Dress and Blazer with Trouser by Timm Süßbrich for Karstadt.
Must Haves !

Are you a Fashion Hero ?
I am ...

So don't miss Wednesdays 8.15 pm on Prosieben.

x Lori

Monday, October 14, 2013

Photoshoot at Mauerpark Berlin

Yesterday I had a photoshoot at Mauerpark Berlin.
It was so funny and I really enjoyed it.
Have a look :

Ha ! so much fun

Ahhh .. such an nice place to be.

x Lori

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Isabel Marant for H&M

Isabel Marant an french designer is now in coorperation with H&M.
Typical for her are her mix with boho- elegance and rock 'n roll.
She tries to make her collections for an every day outfit.
Her fashion is mainly for women and teenagers.
Comfortable lethertrousers,cardigans, jeans, shirts everything.

Here some pictures of her lookbook:

Available: 14th November in H&M stores and online.

My favourite is this jacket :

Perfection ! I love the colours and print.
Totally my style !

I love these collection ..
And you ?

x Lori

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Second Hand Shopping and Places to be in Berlin City

Like I promised.
Now finally my post about Second Hand shopping!

Girls can't get enough from shopping, we all know that. It's an addiction!
It's a fact. Boys don't try to change that otherwise you will get in trouble!


We all compare it with the words: bleak, dirty, ugly, cheap ...
 secondhand is not as bleak as it was before!
Clothes from secondhand shops are now totally trendy. Celebreties like Sienna Miller, Kate Moss are wearing them too.

We have shops with designerlines/ pieces and small "Kiez stores" where you can find the sales and cheapest things.

My Tipps for secondhand shopping:

- find a friend to go with, together it  is more fun!
- catch more  opportunities at Happy Hours
- my last point I think I dont have to tell because it's clear, to wash your things at home
(I even wash the things I bought  if its new from H&M, Gina Tricot, that doesnt't matter..)

 AND :
here are my favourite secondhand shops in Berlin and they worth it:

Made in Berlin (in Mitte)

There you can find designerpieces from the 60s but also clothes from the line Burberry, Nike etc.

Colours (in Kreuzberg)

 Lots of vintage stuff, nice Basics.
At Colours you can also buy for example 1 kilo of clothes for 15-17 €.

 Soeur (in Prenzlauer Berg)

There you can find clothes by Marc jacobs, Cloé for less!

Last but not least:

Trash Schick (in Friedrichshain)

There you can find very cheap clothes with quality. Clothes for 1€

Hope I could help you. And follow my tipps as well ;)

x Lori

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Must Haves autumn

Autumn Must Haves:

Lether jackets
Vintage pullovers
Lether skirts
Biker boots

I like it really comfortable so I prefer flat boots,  oversized vintage pullovers and of course lether!
You can find this clothes everywhere and its not that expensive.
What I sometimes do is that I go shopping in second hand shops who sell vintage and very quality things.
But next time I gonna tell you something about second hand shopping and where you can find rare and not too expensive things.

Stay tuned.

x Lori

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Twist out - Go natural

Now something about beauty.

As you know we africans are changing our hairstyles like our pants. Thats the truth!

From straight to curls,

 from red to blond,


 from short to long etc.

As for me I dont want to damage my hair totally so I decided to make twist (for the first time).
Twist are like rasta but they kinda screwed like the name already say.
It protects your hair and helps them to grow, not like weaves which makes your hair break.

And now finally after less than 2 months  I'm having my "twists out".
Here the result:

I'm lovin my 'fro and i think I'm going natural for a while.

Products for better results:    Conditioner
                                            Natural Shampoo
                                            Hair and Scalp Cream

No heat or machine and NO relaxer!

What do you think?

x Lori