Hey there!
I'm Lori a 20 year old girl living in Berlin Germany. I have ghanian roots but was actually born and raised in Germany. 

Well, something about me .. I'm a super basic girl. I do what everybody does mainly, like meeting up with friends, shopping (well sometimes out of the norm), hanging out like those kinda stuff. Nothing really special about that.
Fashion of course is one of my favourite passion.  If it wouldn't be for fashion I wouldn't do and be where I am today. I love to dress up, get dressed, express myself through fashion and discover all new things in the fashion.
Food is just another passion of mine. I love everything spicy but I do love to discover all different meals that other cultures has to offer, spicy or not.

If you want to get to know me a little more just follow my blog to stay in touch and for mre inside on my everyday routine do check out my Snapchat. The name's @fabeautrends

Have fun discovering ..

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