Tuesday, December 16, 2014


// Knitsweater: Shisha // Zip Leggins: H&M // Boots: Zara // Rings: Bershka //

I kinda been loving those turtlenecks lately and since I found this perfect one I even love them more.  The knitsweater worn here is actually from Shisha. Remember when I once told you about the fashion brand? Well, they still have amazing stuffs and have even stocked up with awesome winter pieces. I was lucky enough to get the knitsweater and a scarf which I'll be showing you in another post sometime.

 However the knit has that very huge turtleneck which keeps me so freaking warm for the upcoming colder days and is totally comfy yet stylish . Also loving the bumbag for a more cozy feeling. With this turtleneck I'm so prepared for winter and have to admit that I even look forward to the colder days. Did I just say that though I'm obviously the summer/autumn type? haha

Anyway if you want to take a look on their stocked up collection just click here.

Much Love xx

Saturday, December 13, 2014


// Crop Sweater, Boyfriend Jeans & Turban: H&M // Coat: Missguided // Chelsea Boots: Zara //

I  can't tell how much I look forward to christmas. I'm literally counting the days like a small kid till it's finally knocking on our doors. I already bought all the gifts for my family and friends, all the preparations are in the making and almost settled down, so I don't have to worry about anything.
You have to understand that I come from a household of 6 kids with 4 younger brothers & sisters and yeah it's sometimes hard to find the real and perfect gifts esp. for them. I feel like over and over the years I lost ideas but when I see that it comes that far I tend to be a little bit of tricky and go like undercover shopping with them just to see what they would pick unknowingly that I'm going to buy it at the end of the day haha. Always so happy when I see the face of them while open the gifts. Priceless!
 I would say that I'm a giver and I really love to be one. I mean I just want to see my beloved ones happy right?

Anywhos the coat that I had on in this post was something that I've been wanting for so long, seriously.
Some time ago I did my autumn/winter wishlist and a grey coat was like at the top of it. Well and luckily during the Black Friday sales that we had recently during Thanksgiving I made it to purchase this gorgeous kinda fluffy, oversized coat at Missguided and I love it. 
Since I've been loving to have headwear on I decided to get me a grey turban just to be matchy with my grey coat you know.

What are you looking forward to christmas?

Much Love xx

Tuesday, December 9, 2014






Only two more weeks till it's finally christmas and I bet some of you aren't fully prepared or ready yet. Some may haven't bought any gifts yet (me till now) and some don't have festive outfits yet.

Speaking of outfits sometimes it seems really hard to find the perfect match to go for the event so I created some sets together just as an idea for those who are still kinda clueless and clearly don't know which road to go for all the up-coming christmas events you'll probably attend.

As christimas is basically family time I guess all of us will spend at least one day of christmas with the family at home having a blast meal together. For this kind of occasion I would go for a comfy yet chic outfit and in no way for a tight dress. Because with all the eating you need to wear something where you'll have lot of space in with your later"food baby".
But mainly all of my picks would be appropriate for every occasion. Whether you go to a party or you have dinner with your closest people, at the end of the day you have to feel comfortable in your dress. That's why I mentioned before that this are just a few ideas of mine to give you a small hint on this.

Therefore I came across the online shop FASHION ID who provide lots of dresses for female, male and kids fashion from different brands. Based on their big collection you'll find fashion for every type and as well the products are of high-quality.

 If you are curious for more dresses or if my picks did not match your type just click here to have more options.

Much Love xx

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


// Coat, Pulllover, Leggins, Hat: H&M // Watch: Primark // Boots: Zara //

Happy new month lovelies!

I can't believe that we're really facing the last month of this year guys! I can even barely remember what I did during the whole year and autumn was honestly too short this year. Now we're stucked with cold weather and snow ..ugh

But besides the stupid weather that winter has to offer there are positive points as well.
Such as Christmas and New Years Eve. I always love when it comes to Christmas time aka family time, food time & gift time. During that time I always gain weight which is totally normal right? 
My saying is that, if you haven't gained weight at least 2 kilos on x-mas you clearly did something wrong and didn't enjoy yourself that much. If you didn't know, now you know lol. It is literally the time where you can eat whatever you want to without any regreting and excuses. I'm extremly excited but I haven't bought any presents yet. Need to hurry!

With all that x-mas talking I almost forgot the main part of this post which is my outfit that I had on yesterday. It's a quite comfy look but still ladylike. For me in autumn/winter is all about dressing cozy such as in warm leggins, sweatpants, cozy pullover and so on. Important and very stylish essentials are of course a mantle (which you'll never go wrong with) and hats. I love hats but still got like only 2 yet and tons of beanies. 
I also finally wore my red chelsea kinda rain boots that I purchased long time ago at Zara. I guess I was too much obsessed with my black platform boots that I recently wore in most of my posts.

But anyways, it's your last capture of 2014, so make the best out of it!

Much Love xx