Friday, February 28, 2014

Kinda different - PTX


Hey happy friday,
we made it finally. Hope u all survived this week!
Today it's a different post, its about my crush for the Pentatonix
They are an A-capella group from Arlington, Texas and USA.
They are amazing singers, rappers beatboxers allrounder talents.!
 Unique, special, different at the same time and sooo freakin amazing.
I could listen to they covers and medleys all the time.
Just check up the vid below ..
Its about the evolution of music from the 11th century to 2010.

More on the Yotube channel (click here)

Much love xx ..

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Outfit : Casual Wednesday


    Hey ladys,

i just made it to post one more outfit  this week.
I love to be casual!
 As you all know i'm all the time in the office so for me i feel like: Shall i dress myself up just for the office? Where nobody else except my colleagues will see what i'm wearing?
Nooo !
Thats the reason why you will always see me casual in the week days.
But for weekends i'm turning to an chic lady who is also wearing something beside boots or sneakers. Yes! High Heels.haha!

Just lemme know ur thoughts for this outfit down under.


Hallöchen ladys,

habe es ja doch geschafft noch ein weitered Outfitpost für die Woche zu machen.
Ich liebe lockere, chillige Outfits wie ihr bereits aus anderen Posts wisst.
Daher sieht man mich auch unter der Woche nur casual!
Sitze ja eh nur im Büro also für was soll ich mich schick machen?
Denke ich mir immer :)
Aber wenn es dann Wochenende ist, ziehe ich eine Veränderung auch zur schicken Lady vor.
Da trage ich mal was anderes als Boots oder Sneakers! Jaa..auch mal Higheels.

Lasst mich einfach eure Meinungen unten wissen..

Hat: H&M / Top: Mango / Pants: Monki/ Boots: H&M / Parka: AJC

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Today: Rocky n chic for church

Happy sunday lovelies,

today its an post about my outfit I wore to church. I always wanted to do more outfit post but it's not that easy because from monday to friday i'm in the office from morning till evenig so there is no chance to catch the sun anymore. Thats why i'm trying to do outfit post on the weekend. Its the only way. But i think after finishing my practical training in that model agency by september there will be more time. I guess :)
So don't be mad of me. I'm trying my best. Workoholic u know ;)

So todays outfit is a mix of chic and rocky. I love leather ( so my leather jacket) and this pant that i wore is an fine highwaisted baggy and i love it. Probably my fav now.

 Hoffe ihr genießt den Sonntag und das tolle Wetter (zumindest in Berlin).
In diesem Post zeig ich euch mein Outfit von heute.
Ich würde lieben gerne mehr Outfitposts machen aber die Zeit fehlt mir einfach. Sitze leider von Montag bis Freitag von morgends bis abends im Büro und da noch tolle Fotos beim dunkeln Himmel zu machen ist unmöglich. Daher versuche ich's an den Wochendende, wenn ich es schaff.
Aber bin bald mit meinem Praktikum im September fertig und dann widme ich meine ganze Zeit dem Blog. Hoffentlich ! :)
So also mein heutiges Outfit ist ein bissl schick aber hat auch einen rockigen Flair.
Ich liebe Leder und könnte meine Jacke dementsprechend jeden Tag tragen.
Und die Baggy ist eine feine Highwaist und momenten meine Lieblingshose.

 Whole outfit by H&M 

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

London Streetstyles

 EN     Oh guys,

to be honest i was so amazed by the london streetstyles showing at the london fashionweek. Hope next yr i can make a step into london and also attend the lfw someday.
As for me i love that cosy lookin outfits all the time! I can wear them at any time. Not a fan of clothes that are kinda sticking ur skin.. Heck nahh!!, not at all! Don't u feel the same?
But yahh.. anyways i have an total crush for streetstyle looks and this time i wanna show you some looks that made my day forreal! I was even speechless on some looks.
Some might be bold but they are so freakin awesome. I'm inspired all the way. Hope i can get u guys with these looks.  Just lemme know ur thoughts.

DE     Ach Leute,

ich muss es ehrlich zugeben, dass mich diese Streetyle looks auf der Londoner Fashionweek total inspiriert haben. Ich liebe Streetstyle und werde es auch immer tun.
Ich fühle mich immer wohl in gemütlicher, lockerer Kleidung! Warum nicht? Sie sind gemütlich und sehen toll aus. (Und mal ehrlich, diese rumzwenglereien in zu engen Klamotten ist jetzt auch nicht das Wahre .. Huh?!)
Aus diesem Grund, jetzt ein Post über die Looks, die bei mir im Hirn stecken geblieben sind.
Ums mal ehrlich zu sagen. Ich war echt sprachlos. Ich kann es garnicht erwarten nächstes Jahr nach London zu gehen und natürlich hoffe ich, dass ich auch mal Teil der LFW sein kann.
..Ach ja, einige Looks sind sehr gewagt aber super aufregend und fantastisch. Hoffe ihr fühlt genau wie ich.
Ich bin auf eure Reaktionen gespannt.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Runway Looks: Black vs. White

Spring/Summer collection 2014:



 Fausto Puglisi

 Haider Ackermann

Louis Vuitton



Christophe Lemai

Tom Ford

Gareth Pugh

Giam Battistavalli

Maxime Simeons

Pringle of Scotla

Wishing you all an wonderful start for this week!

xx Lori

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Val's Day my lovely readers

I just wanted to spread some love and wish all my lovely readers an wonderful Val's Day.
Enjoy that very special day with your beloved ones.
As for me i'm spending my eveing with my fam at home watchin sum movies and eatin lot of things. :)

Wünsche euch allen einen schönen Valentinstag. Genießt diesen besonderen Tag mit euren Liebsten.

And enjoy ur weekend as well!

Kisses 'Lori

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Val's day looks

Valentine Look #1

This is an very sweet outfit for val's day. Looks cute but has an sexy touch tho.
Red stands for fire ! Can't you feel the hotness? I do!
Love the gold details on this look and nothing is about an sexy fragrance: Heat  Rush by Beyoncé


This is a look for an classy and casual way. For the ones who dont wanna wear a dress or skirt.
Pants can also look sexy in combination with heels and a very chic nude Blazer.
My fragrance tipp here Nude by Rihanna

Me on val's day :D

And this is my val's day look for the couch. haha! jk
I'm my own boss! #thuglife

Sets created on polyvore

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

My Weekend

Hey Hey Hey,

its sunday this means the end of the weekend *yaay* -.-
But i hope y'all enjoyed ur weekend though. Friday i just chilled at home, relaxed and watched some american movies - like same shit different friday!
Yahh.. and on saturday i had to work in the club Felix where my agency organized an shooting with an international photographer Roy Elbberg because its Berlinale in berlin. That night was so funny! Met a lot of people and the aftershow party was pretty good.

So i just wanted to share with you some pics of my weekend.

Thats it !

Wishing y'all a good start for the week. xx