Wednesday, September 24, 2014


It's been exactly one year since I started my blog.
Before I didn't had any expectations nor a clue of what is going to happen and what I'm going to face.
One reason that I started my blog was because in my younger ages ( I'm still very young I know but just saying haha) many people told me to do something in fashion. The idea wasn't bad because I was actually highly interested in it. (I mean we all know those stories when we were kids and played dressing up in mummy's closet and heels. We all been there!)
However first I wanted to become a fashion designer then I realised that I'm not really good at sewing and so on. I think you know where my point is .. I tried to find something that I was able to do and good at and luckily in the end I came across fashion blogging through a african model contest that I participated and got to know some bloggers there. I felt like this is exactly what I want to do and share my fashion experience and own style to others.
And so all began! 'Fabeau Trends' was made ..

I had a real blessed year even though I had some beginner struggles but I guess it's normal. To be honest in my first week of trying myself as a fashion blogger I immediately wanted to quite already.
But something stopped me from that ridiculously thought and made me stay focused and continue with my hobby.

Therefore I've picked out some "Best of the year Looks" from the beginning to now:







MAY '14

JUNE '14

JULY '14



Which outfit is/was your favourite?

Kisses to everyone of you who made me for who I am now. I couldn't have made it without the support of you guys. Seriously I am really fortunate to have you. Thank you!!!

Big thanks to Debbie, Tania, Missy, Kizzy, Nerline, Belinda, Diana & Sol (hope I haven't forgot any one) for always keeping up with me and lovely comments and thoughts on my posts.

I'm looking forward to more fun and collaborations and to finally have my own camera soon to post even more outfits than before .. (The good news is that, I managed to take as much outfits pics as possible with several local fellow bloggers on weekends and with a good quality Nikon camera that we had at work for shootings and castings)

 Btw and guess what, I improved my english by extending my vocabulary too

Much Love xx

Monday, September 22, 2014


Yayy! Autumn has finally arrived and I can't be happier enough about that. Autumn is literally my favourite season of all. You can get back to your comfort zone and don't have to step out of it if you don't want to. Long sweaters, cozy and darker outfits, boots & fluffy clothes .. I love it!
But not only the fashion aspects. It is the time to enjoy some good company of very good hot chocolates, latte macchiatos, hot shakes amazing cupcakes, pancakes, sweets in bed.
Going out with friends for a coffee date, having some fun at movie nights and maybe organising a swap party where you can get rid of old clothes at home.

There is soo much you can do in autumn ..

What are you looking forward to do in autumn?

Much Love xx

Wednesday, September 17, 2014



Omg I realized that I've been offline on my blog since one week because I was too busy and to be honest with you, also a bit lazy to entertain you with my posts.
Work has been real harsh and stressful these days but only two weeks and I'm done with my internship.
I guess I gonna miss the whole work life and fun at the agency and it's been a great but also busy part of my life.
After that I'm going to search for universities which are orientated in media. But before I head the unilife I try my possible best to visit different countries and cities. First step I guess will be London. So wish me luck for that due of time.

But lets get back to business. I wore this very casual kinda business inspired look for work and I have to admit that it's been my first time wearing a blazer in office because we don't really have strict dresscode rules or whatever. We are allowed to wear whatever we want and feel comfortable in it. Well .. but I decided to join the cozy and business road.

All of you might know that I'm a H&M addict since day one but I really try to avoid buying stuffs there because I want to extend my closet and try new stuffs and brands. I'm telling you that because my outfit here is mostly from H&M except from the slip'ons that I purchased in Amsterdam. I'm really trying guys!

Anyways wish you a great day.

Much Love xx

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Hey my lovely fashionistas!

 I'm very happy to introduce you a new and fresh not only label but also a new designer platform Cross The Line.
"Cross The Line" launched in early August and has lots to offer. From incredibly designs of different designers to amazing illustrations that they provide monthly.
Their aim to promote asian up-and-coming fashion designers from Hong Kong, Taiwan etc.
My favourite designers so far are 112 Mountainyam.

112 Mountainyam expresses a vision of what a contemporary, sophisicated and independant women wants in her warderobe. It also celebrates a sense of freedom, which defies sartorial conventions and offers a unique on modern chic.

If you  are a fan of minimalism but also bold fashion this would probably be something you might like and want to know about.

As they have a bunch of variety amazing designs, I'd like to share some pieces that I like from Cross The Line the most:

 C_cy - Black Stripes Printed Tee

112 mountainyam - Organza Blue Top
112 mountainyam - Blue Hot Pants with Pockets

 112 mountainyam - Hot Pink Color Blocking Satin Top

And I really love how they share their fashion stories through their designs. Such a immense inspiration and great idea to let us audience have a look "behind the scenes" and thoughts on each design.
Luckily they'll set up a 10% off discount for all  my lovely readers for every purchase on their website by using the code: "FABEAU" till 31st of October 2014. (shop)
 Have fun discovering!

Much Love xx

Friday, September 5, 2014


// Twin-Set: Primark // Kimomo & Wedges: H&M // Clutch & Sunnies: Vintage // Boho Headpiece: Ebay //

Happy friday lovelies! We barely made it, well me almost cause am still caught up in office till evening.
But this can't hold me back from posting.

However I already told you guys about the Blogger Bazzar event that I attend the past week. If you don't remember (here)
Well .. and you probably saw my gatherings from that event.
The twin-set is definetly my fav, it's just too fine. Me likey!  .. And as you can see I could make advance of wearing it although  the weather was tripping lately and I thought we already entered fall but we're really having some sunshine yet. I guess this won't last long anyway. So I have to make use of it and spend as much time as possible outside keeping up with friends/fam before the cold gets us.

Also I got a visit of friends from foreign cities and I can say that my schedule is actually full planned for now.
I got in touch with a photographer and she wants to shoot with me for a up coming beauty project of her this sunday. 
Can't wait for that and looking so freakin forward to it. (Already figuring out how to pose haha!)
Will keep you updated!

Any plans for the weekend? Let me know ..

Much Love xx

Monday, September 1, 2014


First off happy new month lovelies!
The last days has been busy ones for me even my weekend and so will the following be because I am now more responsible at work and have to have a eye over everything.
But it's my last month anyway and am grateful and happy that I've almost made my one year internship. After all that I'll take and finally have way more time for my blog.

Anyway let's get back to business. The past days I came across a natural skin product "Frank" while I was late night instagraming (as ususal lol).
Well, and I ask myself who the heck is that? Never heard of it/him and esp. what is his magic?
So I headed straight to the website to do some research on it.
It says that it helps to fight cellulites, stretch marks, cleanse and clarifies your skin and many more and also contains lot of natural subtances.

There are 3 types of "Frank":

- Original (14.95 €/$)
- Coconut & Grapeseed (17.95 €/$)
Cacao (16.95 €/$)

After knowing all that and seeing several good results from others I think am gonna give it a try.
So I've ordered a package of the original one yesterday and will receive it this week.
I'll keep you all updated.

For the ones who have experienced this product or something just as similiar before, how did it went and most importantly did it helped to provide your skin issues?
Let me know ..

Have a marvelous start to this week!

Much Love xx