Saturday, May 31, 2014


Time has flew away so quick! We are now entering the next month and this means that it's almost 6 months till 2014 is over.
Anyhow May was a bitch tho haha! There were sunny days, rainy days, stormy days, colder days just in one month. I was happy for having some more sunshine so I could take some morer pics but i knew that this won't last for a while. Thats typical german weather.
So June please be a blessing for us!!!

 Which outfits or outfit did you like the most?

(I know the last three are quite similar because of the sandals and shopper bag but that#s what I've been wearing lately and I tried at least to style them in diffy ways.)
Much Love xx

Thursday, May 29, 2014


As already told you in one of my older posts before that on last weekend I droped in the radio event "Kiss Cup" which is presented by Kiss FM an berlin radio channel.
It was lots of fun and delightful as well - most of the time.
 Most of the time simply because I was kinda feeling pissed off, of those dudes who were constantly screming and shouting while I was sitting next to them and i've even asked them to shut it down please at least a bit, but they didn't mind to.

Anyhow we had our seats quite near the stage and field so we had a very good view.
Kiss Cup is all about german celebrities who are challenging themselves in football or basketball matches in different teams.
Team Italian, Team DDR, Team Turkey and Team Greenland.
This time they choosed football as theme because of the world cup that is near. Btw I'm extremely exicted for the world cup! #TeamGhana

Apart from that there were some live acts from german singers and rappers like:
Mateo, McFitti and the american singer Cris Cab that was defo my highlight of that day to see him live as I'm loving his song Liar,Liar. And he sang that song as well. Lucky me! haha
 And I don't even had to pay for the entry it was all for free. You had to win the tickts or pick them up in an fitness studio.

So long story, no plot ...Here's a short video to sum the day up for you:

At the end Team Italian won the Cup and they deserved it. But thats my own opinion.

Oh and what I wore?

// Crop Top, Sandals, Necklace & Shopper: H&M // Highwaist: Monki // Sunny: Primark //

Last but not least selfie time with my girl Zaza

Hope you have a blessed day!

Much Love xx

Monday, May 26, 2014


 // Blazer & Short: Buffalo // Crop Top, Sandals and Shopper: H&M //

We are basically enjoying our last spring days in Berlin. Up from tomorrow there will no more be that sunny days that we had the couple of days and weeks earlier or at least in a while. Sometimes i just don't get this german weather it can turn from warm sunshine to rain, clouds and so on. Unbelievable to me!

But nevertheless i tried to enjoy those days and created a kinda all orange outfit.
I like the shorts and its blazer too much. Its my favourite "suit" in my warderobe currently. The colours are so refreshing and bright.
And I soo love my new sandals and shopper as worn in my last post also. They are probably my every day essentials for work and comfy as well.

What do you think?

Much Love xx

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


// Crop Top: asos // Skirt: H&M // Sandals: H&M // Glasses & Necklace: Primark // Bag: H&M //

We took those pics while we had our lunch break at work. We didn't planed to take photos but as summer has also arrived here and we are sorrounded by sunshine we couldn't neglect that sunny opportunity.
It was so much fun i must confess. We act like we were tourists with our camera haha. People were not lookin at us that much like the other times before because yeah  they thought we were just normal tourists.

The place called Kudamm - its an big attraction for tourists because of its luxury shops, nice buildings and its were our workin place is. You saw that creepie man? He is really sitting and flying. There is a trick to it but i couldn't see any rope nor hidden things. Crazy!!

But anyways we walked arround watched some dancers doing they thing and that old man in the pics before who did some stuns and breakdance.

I wore some simple basics from different stores and mainly black but also an touch of colour which is some red and golden haha.

My next outfit will be much more with bright colours. And I deciced now to take pictures for my blog while i'm workin in my breaks. So i won't get into stress and have some more outfits to post.

Hope you can also enjoy some hot sunshine.

Much Love xx

Monday, May 19, 2014


We all know that Riri is a style transformer indeed and she's trying all things out. She don't care what others are sayin about her or her looks either. And that is what i like the most of her. Riri has her own way of style and i don't have to mention that she got a great, sophisticated and unique sense of fashion and trends.
Beside her musician career I think she should get more into designing clothes and stuff.

What you think of her new look?

By the way this week is going to be a wonderful one for me. Because finally "summer" has arrived in Berlin and we can also enjoy some hot sunshine this week and on weekend I'm visiting an german radio event called Kiss Cup. Can't wait for it and to tell you how it went so far.

Much Love xx

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Black and white photographys are always such an inspiration for myself. They're so simple but they have something special and magical that u can't just look away.
The face, eyes, hair, lips, make-up everything just on point!

What you think of it?


Monday, May 12, 2014


As the weather can't deciced whether its cold, rainy or warm I choosed to wear something typical that I supposed to wear when its fall.
But i hope that we'll get the weather fixed soon. I mean its mid may and nearly summer so wheres the sun at?!

Nevertheless I took this pics with my fellow blogger Romi on weekend in an german park called Humboldthain. Its a really nice place to take photos and also to play with kids and have an BBQ with the fam.
 After that we had dinner and enjoyed ourselves with sum chinese food. It was so delicious.

Yeah and I know. I did it again. I wore black even though I told y'all to wear more lighter clothes but this doesn't work if the weather don't get warmer.
I'll try to dress up fresher in summer. I promise! haha

I also deciced to go more natural and wear my small afro as i'm on it to achieve more growth.
But I already see differents by now as i told you last week.

 Don't mind the small dust that flew into my hair! Bad hair day kinda lol.

// Coat, Pants, Sneaker, Jewerly & Glasses:  H&M / Top: Bonprix / Sack: Monki / Scarf: asos //

Much love xx

Saturday, May 10, 2014


Before & After

Its been now 2 weeks since I'm using Manetabolism. And as you can see that I achieved a bit more growth. About 1/2 inch to be exactly! I can feel that my hair is much healthier, stronger and thicker.
So as i get to know that these pills are really workin for me i  immediately ordered an 2 month supply yesterday which is about 46$ (33€). I could save some money buying this 2 pack than only one which is about 24$ (17€)

Stay tuned and happy growing for those who want to try this by their own!

Much love xx