Tuesday, March 31, 2015





Hey everyone!

Unfortunately you haven't heard of me on sunday with one of my 'What I wore to church' post because we're seriously having some bad ass (excuse my french) weather over here. I'm barely making it out because once you're out you'll going to be wipped around by heavy storms and harsh rain. Pretty much not the best weather to shoot outsides. I so hope that it's going to be a lot better soon!

However since I'm not able to shoot outfit pictures at the moment I choosed to take the time to do another sets. It's always so much fun to be on Polyvore and create amazing styles which can possibly be turned into looks I'll wear sometime. It's a good way to get some inspirations but also to have a first impression on how a style going to look like.

Today's main piece is the crop top. I deciced to go for a turtle neck, plain croppie and pimp it up with additional pieces. The first one is a very simple causal kinda hipster look which I would definetely wear in day time for my every day look. But only if the weather get's better.

The second and third are quite similar styles but I wanted to show you how the casual chic look can be worn with a pants and skirt. I know people who don't even wear pants, jeans or whatever but my opinion on this is that you can look just as chic in pants as in skirts if you get it right.

I hope that I can be back soon with another ootd of mine. Fingers crossed that we get to enjoy at least one hour a day of sun since it's officially spring.

Much Love xx

Thursday, March 26, 2015


 Direct links:

Direct links:

Hey everyone!

As spring has finally and I mean finally has arrived us now, I deciced to do a spring related post which includes my picks for a perfect footwear in spring.
It's no secret that white sneakers has established themselves as must-have pieces since I guess last two season and I'm totally in for this trend. Especially for spring because spring itself is a colourful season but to me also a season full of monochrome and pure vibes. And now that the 70s are obviously back those white kicks can perfectly be worn with slighty over the knee wide-leg pants or as I use to call them 'Marlene' pants. I already have bought some 'Marlene' pants and can't wait to match them with my white kicks.

A trend that has been on my mind lately are those Birkenstock's. They can be easily worn and paired as well with wide-leg pants but also with other pieces. What I like about those sandals is that they look easy and are pretty much comfortable. I just yesterday bought similar sandals in black. Pretty much alike with the Birkenstock Arizona ones. Can't wait for them to arrive since I'm soon doing a short-trip to Budapest over my birthday and those sandals are definetely going with me.

Anyways if you might ask where to get those shoes just check out the direct links that are under each collages or just check out the Gebrüder Götz website (here) who sell a bunch of amazing footwear not only for women but also for men and kids. Pretty much for the whole family.

Down below is a short clip of their latest tv-commercial.
Have a look and happy shopping!

Much Love xx

 Note: While this post has been generously sponsored by Gebrüder Götz, all opinions within this post are exclusively mine.

Sunday, March 22, 2015


// Blazer & Pants: Gina Tricot // Shirt & Pumps: H&M //

Happy sunday everbody.

Whilst I'm writing this my stomach is so pumped with food at the same time. I can't even handle sitting right now lol. Let me explain why ..
In honour of my lil sister's 9th birthday we drove to an asian All You Can Eat restaurant after church.  I made sure that I won't wear a tight pants so that I'll have lots of space after eating.
Anywho's you can imagine if a african or a whole family hears 'All You Can Eat' it's ALL YOU CAN EAT for sure! We love us some food and seriously enjoyed ourselves to the fullest. After finishing this post I'm going to just lay on the couch and sleep. No more food for me today!

However, I'm not quite the best friend of jewerly so I usually keep it simple or don't wear any. And today was that kinda day I felt like not wearing any. And finally as I praised on my recent post, spring has arrived and I could finally make use of wearing this shiny pumps I got at the H&M sales few months ago. Need to get use of wearing heels again. Been feeling too much comfortable with these chunky plateau boots for way too long now.

Much Love xx

Thursday, March 19, 2015


// Leather Jacket, Kimono, Crop Top, Pants, Boots & Necklace: H&M // Ring: Bershka // Sunnies: Primark //

Today or in general the whole week surprisingly turned out to be a bit warmer than the other days. We're finally having some more sun and I think I can get use to wake up by the sun every morning. 

If somebody would ask me what I associate spring with on the fashion side I would definetely say that crop tops are among all trends in spring. It obviously gets warmer outside and people of course want to get bolder and show some skin. I love crop tops and always did. When it comes to styling them there's no way that you can go wrong with a highwaisted pants, heels, pumps whatever but those highwaisted pants are truly the perfect piece to go with those croppies.

How do you style crop tops?

Much Love xx

Sunday, March 15, 2015


// Blazer: Bershka // Top: Gina Tricot // Pants: New Look // Headpiece: Ebay // Boots: H&M //

Happy sunday my loves! Another week is over and I hope you all a great so far. Today I'm back again with my outfit worn to church. To be honest I wanted to dress a little different today but then deciced to stay on my comfy chic since the weather isn't that nice today. We're merely surrounded by deep and dark clouds. I got some blue pumps on x-mas and wanted to wear them for like ages but couldn't find the right day for them. Hopefully soon though!

Btw my little 10 year old sis shot this pics again but because of it's stupid weather today we weren't able to take much of them. But at least we managed to get some good shots. Oh, you can't imagine how much I'm looking forward to those warmer days. Isn't it just easier for us bloggers when it's warm and sunny outsides?
Anywho's, wishing you all a good and productive week ahead.

Much Love xx

Friday, March 13, 2015


Look 1:

denim x wide leg

Look 2:

color x wide leg

Look 3:

red x wide leg

Look 4:
blue x wide leg

Hey everyone! Hope you're having a great day so far.
Today I want to talk fashion and trends. Since last fall season the wide leg trend has established himself back into fashion. I remember seeing this wide trend back in the late 60s early 70s and now it's like literally everywhere. All the stores and online shops have been stocked up with plenty different styles. I myself love this trend and have been wearing it lately too (see here). I always been on the quite cozy chic and wide leg pants are soo incredibly comfy. There's nothing about a wide leg baggy pants paired with a crop top and some easy plateau wedges right?

I picked up some looks from the runway and re-styled it by adding my personal flair onto it. Which of it is your favourite?
I personally love the last blue x wide leg set. But I'm just saying.

Have a lovely weekend ..

Much Love xx

Source: jennifermargolin.com

Sunday, March 8, 2015


//  Tee: Mavi // Pants: Gina Tricot // Boots: H&M // Ring: Bershka // Sunnies: Primark //

Happy International Women's Day to all my strong and beautiful women out there. 
Today was a very sunny day in Berlin and I can finally, happily say that spring has finally arrive us too.  This day was filled with so much sun and joy. 
Today I tried something new and wore my wideleg pants that I got from a friend some while ago and paired with my simple and oversized tee and my beloved white booties. In appreciation for the sun I put on my finest mirror sunnies that I couldn't wear in a while. Blame it on the stupid winter weather. However the sun is finally up and I'm so looking forward for all the upcoming sunny days. I feel like if the weather's fine outside my mood's just the same. Who else feels the same?

What are you looking forward in spring the most?

Much Love xx

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I actually can smile in pictures but just not when I'm called to ..

// Shirt: Amsterdam // Pants: soccx // Boots: H&M //

Hey everyone! First of all happy new month. Time's like rushing real quick and I can't believe that this year is almost over in just 9 months. Crazy!!

However on monday I was invited for a Pre-Opening Brunch at Jacks Beauty at Bikini Berlin in collaboration with soccx a women fashion brand.
I personally love to get out to such events cause it's always fun and you get to meet so many nice people from the same industry. As you can see there was quite the foodie blast and that's not even all, there was much more than you see here. I guess I was more busy eating than actually taking pictures lol! The food was just soo good. Loved it!

After all the eating we got into hair & make-up where we got a really nice pampering from head to toe. I decided to go for a natural make-up since I don't like doing much with my face. Loved the bronzing tones on my face. I also got to choose one piece from soccx to wear for a following shoot at the roof of the building after the make-over. I picked up this tight, slighty baggy pants which was a perfect fit for my monochrome vibe going on in my outfit.

You already might seen me way too often in my black plateau boots that I've been wearing in forever recently (e.g here) and here's the white one which after seeing the results of the pictures, could possibly be my everyday booties. Like aren't they just georgous? And I can't believe that I got these stunners at H&M at the sales for like 20€. These booties can definetely keep up with Jeffrey Campbell or similar brands right?

Anyways I wish you much joy and positivity for this week and month.

Much Love xx