Sunday, August 30, 2015


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It's about that time again guys. First of all, I hope you all had a great weekend and got to enjoy the last bits that summer has to offer. For me personally summer comes always too short but that doesn't bother me that much because I'm more of a autumn person. I love to be layered up and all the amazing coats & stuff you know .. As you can see from my todays picks they're kinda like already autumn orientated. 
To me, autumn is the best time to wear sneakers and I will make use of it since I got awesome ones to share with you soon.

I'm not gonna talk long today as I usually don't tend to .. lol but I wish you all a great week ahead.

Talk to you guys soon!

Much Love xx

Friday, August 28, 2015


// Crop Top & Sandals: Asos // Jeans: Forever 21 // Necklace: Happiness Boutique (click here) //

Of course I'm happy! Why shouldn't I be?
I'm alive, my family is up well and things are going really well for me. I have nothing to worry about because God is in control and I'm more than happy to follow his path and ways he has for me.

In other news, I've already started planning for upcoming projects including the Blogger Apartment 'cause as I told you already we want to take it to the next level and are up for many many adventures to come. 
A couple days ago I met the lovely Jackie from Mikuta who by the way is my favourite photographer ever! I mean you can tell by the pics themselve! Aren't they just great?
It was literally tough for me to even pick out these pictures for the post. There were way too many that I had in mind but I had to minimize it. Besides that, I have my social media to bomb you haha!

The jeans I'm wearing has been my partner in crime through literally all season (ok .. maybe not in winter but you get the point) Before it didn't looked as ripped as it looks now but I kinda like it though and have no worries to sew them up from time to time. Oh, and how do you like my new statement necklace I got from the lovely Happiness Boutique? You've probably heard much of them recently since they're literally on most bloggers right? I love my new statement piece! Great for autumn as well.

Since we're talking about happiness. What are the things that makes you happy the most? Hit me up at the comment section ..

Have a lovely weekend guys!

Much Love xx

Note: While this post has been generously sponsored by Happiness Boutique, all opinions within this post are exclusively mine.

Friday, August 14, 2015


[Tip: Hover over the picture for info, click it to take you to item on store’s website.]  

 Happy Friyay guys!

Today I deciced to bring a new series to life. With this first post I'd love to launch my new weekly series "THE LUST LIST". It simply came into my mind while I was browsing through online-shops and came across very amazing bargains esp. for this summer season which I obviously couldn't hide from you guys. Sharing is caring right? And since the weather is quite sunny lately - why not give the last summer days a shot with new stuff?

Besides that, I mean who doesn't like to shop? ... Exactly my saying!

On today's list I picked some hot beachwear items. Such as monochrome & colorful bikinis and swimsuits with sexy shape, sandals (which I think are a must-have piece) So, if you don't own a pair yet - make sure you do! There's nothing about a comfy pair of gladiator sandals .. also we have on the list a kimono which basically is a go-to for the beach and of course a good pair of sunnies. I personally prefer the monochrome vibes. But for all of you who don't - simply click on the picture to get to the website and browse the shop yourself for additional stuff.
Last but not least, we have the flash tattoos. And who has been following me on Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat (fabeautrends) knows that I've been literally obsessed with those. While I'm writing I even have one on my hand. I just love the golden effect and they esp. look great on tanned skin. I was lucky enough to get my dosis during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week here in Berlin in one of the goodie bags but just check out the link I put on the pic for your own summer dosis.

Much Love xx 

Sunday, August 9, 2015


// Long Tee: Abel & Caine (here) // Pants: H&M // Stan Smith Kicks: Foot Locker (here) // 

 Happy Sunday my loves!

Been loving how great the weather has turned lately. It's like literally over 100 degrees! Even a couple weeks ago I thought that summer is already over and we were literally just in mid July but things surprisingly changed and I get to do more activities outside. I love me some beach and been obsessed with water pics lately. Just check out my social media for proof! But really summer is the best season to go to the beach right?

Nevertheless, the outfit you see was shot with the amazing Mikuta. She is just an amazing photographer and I'm so happy that I got to know her through my Blogger Apartment project. However, I'm having quite the crush on these stunner sneakers I recently got from Foot Locker! Those are one of the new Stan Smiths. I love the sleeky and glossy material of the sneakers, especially because they're white and if somebody allegedly steps on your feet you can clean them up easily. But I'm not hoping for anybody to step on them. But just in case you know ..

Thank you to Foot Locker for these amazing ones and I'm looking forward to not only rock them in summer but also in autumn/winter time.

Wish you all a great week ahead!

Much Love xx

Note: While this post has been generously sponsored by Foot Locker, all opinions within this post are exclusively mine.

Monday, August 3, 2015


Happy new week y'all!

Hope you had a great weekend just as much as I did. I already told you some time ago that I was planning a short trip to a tropical islands resort with the fam. We spent 2 amazing days at that place and it was basically what I needed after fashion week and all the other things that I had going on lately. I could just leave those things off my chest and focused on having fun and spare time for myself. We had amazing food, amazing hotel rooms and the list goes on .. Have some impressions shared on my Instagram (here) & Facebook (here). Since Snapchat only lasts for 24 hours the story is already gone. But I saved it tho ..

But let's get back to business .. a few weeks ago I did a short meet-up with Diana a lovely photographer from Berlin with whom I already had the pleasure to shoot. We just took some "beauty, fashion" shoots since we haven't made pictures in a while. But we'll sure change that have you seen the results?! I'm so thrilled and in love with them. She is indeed a great photographer!

I just leave you with that and let you enjoy our work .. lol

Until next time ...

Much Love xx