Tuesday, April 29, 2014



Oh i had soo much fun taking this pics on weekend with my lovely and crazy fellow blogger Romy of F.ck this!
We took the pics on an playround while kids were playing. On their faces i could see that they wasn't that impressed of us taking pics on they area.  They were like: "Uhmm ..okay what are they doing here?!" haha
But we were doing our own thing and didn't mind the other people around starring at us.
Romy was the one that climbed on trees but i couldn't because i wore white and i dont wanted it to be dirty. You know what i mean. Its like if you're wearing lighter clothes they get dirty anyway. You can just stand still it gets dirty anyway. What a pitty huh?

On that day hottie Zac Efron did his 4 days vacation in berlin to promote his new movie 'Bad Neighbours'. In my city! And i was like .. I need to find him. Where is he???! OMG! He was my teenie crush with his blue eyes like diamond in the sky ..LOL. High School Musical and that stuff you know.
And i found him ...NOT
He's  gone and i have to wait till i can catch him up maybe one day on the streets of LA. Only god knows.

But never mind .. I promised to do an post where i'm wearing more lighter clothes and here it is. All white! pure white!

You like it?

Much Love xx

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Saturday, April 26, 2014


EN    Guess what came in the mail yesterday?! .. My hair vitamins finally! Been waiting for them to arrive since a month and i'm finally holding them in my hands. One reason for the long shipping was that they are based in America and i'm from Germany so it takes some time to arrive and also they had to ship a lot stuffs and vitamins because of the discount they had currently.
Who don't know 'bout what i'm talking should definetely check out  (this post).

I was talking about getting those vitamins to achieve longer, healthier and thicker hair.
I deciced to try Manetabolism instead of Hairfinity because they were on an discount and i could see better results from reviews.
I took my first pills yesterday 25th of april (one in the morning and evening with some water). So there are 28 more days to go.
To be honest i had some problems to swallow those pills because they are so big for me and i had an mental block. So for now i'm mixing them with some water (less than 8 oz. as i got to know) Same effect!

I'll let you all updated in the couple weeks and also at the end with before and after pics. So just drop in my blog to see how it works for me.

DE    Ratet mal was ich vor einigen Tagen via Post erhalten habe?! Naaa .. Meine Haar Vitamine!
Ich habe glaube ich einen Monat gewartet bis ich meine Pillen endlich sehnsüchtig in den Armen hatte haha.
Ein Grund der langen Wartezeit war das ich in Deutschland lebe und die Firma nun mal in Amerika. Am anderen Ende der Welt also dauert das etwas Zeit. Ansonten hatten die einen Rabatt und da kamen auch viele Bestellungen auf sie zu. Also hatte ich da Verständnis!

Wer nicht weiß um was es geht sollte sich am besten meinen letzten Post anschauen (hier) 

In meinem letzen Post sprach ich von Hairfinity aber habe mich dann doch für Manetabolism entschieden, aufgrund eines Rabattes was sie am Laufen hatten und wegen der besseren Ergebnisse aus den Reviews.
Ich habe gestern 25.04.2014 meine ersten Pillen zu mir genommen (jeweils morgens und abends eine).
Um ehrlich zu sagen hatte ich kleine Problemchen sie zu schlucken, da sie etwas größer sind (also für mich zumindestens). Habe mich wirklich sehr bemüht sie zu schlucken aber sie kamen immer wieder hoch. Kein schöner Gedanke ich weiß! Aber so war es und ich möchte ehrlich sein.
Habe aber eine leichtere Methode gefunden und zwar mache ich die Kapseln auf und entnehme den Pulver und mische den mit etwas Wasser (weniger als 200ml).
Problem gelöst :)

Habe noch 28 Tage vor mir und werde euch selbstverständlich am Laufen halten. Also schaut vorbei für mehr Infos. Werde vor und nachher pics posten um den Wachstum beurteilen zu können.

Freue mich schon!!!

Pics how my hair looks now: (looks a bit messy, sorry for that)

Extremly excited to see how my undercut will grow!

Much love xx

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Monday, April 21, 2014


EN    Most of us already heard of the new coorperation announced at the Coachella last week between the New Yorker Designer Alexander Wang and H&M.
 I didn't know him or his collection before but i did some research to get more infos and i have to tell that i'm quite impressed of his work. He knows what people want to wear.
Wang is the first American designer to partner with H&M and also the youngest with his age of 30!
What an honour!
Not so long ago i've informed you about the collaboration with Isabelle Marant (here) and it also went successful. So there's nothing to worry about, i guess. I'm optimistic.

What does Wang says? (Of course he's honoured! I mean who wouldn't be?)

  “The idea of collaborations isn’t new anymore, they’ve been done from all angles,” he began. “When they approached me, I wanted to do something different. It will be a new take on a lifestyle offering. It’s a little early [to talk about it], but it’s a completely new take on how they do collaborations.”

DE     „Ich fühle mich geehrt, ein Teil von H&Ms Designer-Kooperationen zu sein“, sagt Alexander Wang. „Die Arbeit mit dem H&M-Team ist ein aufregender Prozess, der mit viel Spaß verbunden ist. Man ist dort sehr aufgeschlossen dafür, Grenzen zu verschieben und eine Plattform für Kreativität zu schaffen. Dies wird eine großartige Möglichkeit für ein breiteres Publikum sein, Elemente von Alexander Wangs Marke und Lifestyle zu erleben.“

H&M :
 „Alexander Wang ist eine der wichtigsten Stimmen in der Mode von heute. Er versteht genau, was Menschen tragen wollen und setzt dies mit einer Energie und Leidenschaft um, die ansteckend ist. Es ist unglaublich spannend, dieses Jahr mit ihm zusammenzuarbeiten“, sagt Margareta van den Bosch, H&Ms Creative Advisor.

   Wang will design collections for women and men. They will be sold in 250 H&M stores worldwide, and online starting November 6, 2014.

So excited about this and i hope that this time i can grab some pieces too. As i couldn't get any of the last collaboration. Poor me! but by this time i'll save money to get some of this hot collection.

Lookbook Spring14

Much love xx

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Friday, April 18, 2014

What's in my cosmetic bag?

EN    Today i'm doing my first What's in my cosmetic bag? post. Hope you enjoy it.
It's all about what i'm using for my simple and natural daily make-up.
My bag is transparent so you already got an impression what could be in my bag ..lol. But i'll list everything down below for you guys.

DE    Heute mache ich meinen ersten What's in m cosmetic bag? Post. Hoffe es gefällt euch.
In meiner transparenten Tasche sind all meine täglichen Produkte enthalten für ein natürliches Make-up.
 Da meine Tasche transparent ist, könnt ihr bereits erraten was sich drin befindet aber ich mache eine kleine Auflistung unten dazu.

Skin use:
Translucent pressed powder:  Sleek Makeup
Foundation: KIKO Make-up

My eyebrow and lashes use: (starting from left to right)
Eyebrow pouder: by essence
Fit me concealer: by Maybelline Newyork #30
Eyebrow pencil and brush: by p2
Mascara: no name

Powder brush: Ebeline
Eyeshadow brush 2nd: p2
Rouge brush and eyeshadow brush 4th: Rossmann
Lipliner: Essence
Eyeshadow: Manhatten
Nivea cream

What i put on my lips:
Baby lips: Maybelline Newyork
Orange lipstick: Manhatten 33N
Matte Velvet Teddy lipstick: MAC cosmetics 

Happy easter !!
Wish you all an marvelous weekend.
Much love xx

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Obsessions #2

EN    Hey lovelies,

this were just some obsessions of mine. I love Daisy's and Jeffrey Campbell shoes and i hope that i can get some of them soon!
I'm also having an crush for this New Balance sneakers in mint. So amazing!
As we all know white or all white looks are one of the trends of this season. I been wearing those darker colours most of the time and i'm kinda bored. Don't get me wrong i love black but i think i need a change so i'm trying something new.
Hopefully by next week i can post a new outfit showing some other colours.

Isn't the transparent clutch amazing? I always wanted one but hasn't found one yet.
I'm so in love with it. Saw some DIY's on the net and will definetely try it out.
So just stay tuned.

DE     Na ihr Lieben,

ich stehe ja total auf Daisy's und Jeffrey Campbell Schuhe vorallem die mit Plateauabsatz. Ich hoffe, dass ich mir bald welche gönnen kann!
Find die Sneaker von New Ballance auch total cool.
Weiß gehört zu einen der vielen Trends dieser Saison und dieses spielt sich auch in vielen Outfits wieder. Jetzt heißt es nicht mehr allblack sondern allwhite. Selbst ich (obwohl ich schwarz liebe) bekenne mich zu heeleren Looks.
Ich hoffe ich schaffe es noch in dieser oder nächsten Woche ein neues Outfit zu posten mit erfrischenden Farben.

Ist die transparente Clutch nicht der Hammer? Ich finde sie so toll. Habe im Internet einige DIY's Anleitungen gesehen und werde es definitiv ausprobieren.
Wünscht mir glück!

I also had an wonderful birthday and wanted to thank you all for the birthday wishes!!

Much love xx

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Are sweatpants really a sign of defeat ?!

'Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.'
'Wer Jogginghosen trägt, hat die Kontrolle über sein Leben verloren.'

- Karl Lagerfeld -

Whole outfit by H&M ..and today i'm wearing no makeup #nofilter

EN    I don't agree with the statement of Karl Lagerfeld because in my opinion you can also look good in them too.
Is it wrong to feel comfortable in clothes?
It's a blessing to have something comfy to wear and is stylish at the same time.
And for spring i think that they are also must-haves. Mostly in every shop they are selling some.
To make it short - I love joggins and will aways do.

DE    Ich muss dem Modeschöpfer hier leider widersprechen, denn was ist so schlimm daran sich gemütlich zu kleiden?
Ich meine wir Frauen mögen es auch nicht immer eng und tight also gönnen wir uns auch mal ne kleine Auszeot davon.
Joggins sind zwar gemütlich aber könne auch total stylish aussehen. Es kommt halt darauf an wie man es kombiniert.
In jedem Shop in dem ich jetzt gewesen bin selbst in den Onlinestores sehe ich nur noch Joggins, basic etc..
Um es kurz zu machen ich liebe es gemütlich und werde es auch immer tun.
Meine Jogginghosen und mich kann keiner trennen! ;)

Hope u all enjoyed your weekend.
Happy sunday!

Yeahii and tomorrow is my birthday. I'm turning 19  finally!
Whoop! Whoop! :)

Much love xx

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Review: Face of Africa Germany

EN     Hey ladys,

long time no see!
Sorry for not posting anything lately.
Well on friday i visited an modeling contest called Face of Africa Germany to support some friends of me that were taking part in that competition.

What is Face of Africa Germany?

Face of Africa Germany, is a Fashion Pageant Competition created to discover young ladies who have the talent in modeling and remodel them into Modern African Woman to promote Africa Fashion, Culture, Tourism, Beauty and Lifestyle in Germany.

The aim is to find that amazing Queen, who can represent Africa in the International Modeling and Fashion World, serving as an Ambassador for the Afro Germans to empower and encourage the youths to educate themselves and be the leading pageant promoting the African Culture, Tourism and Lifestyle in Germany. A figure that can be of a change and bring something new to the FOA Germany brand.

DE    Hallo Ladies,

es tut mir leid, das es einige Tage auf meinem Blof etwas ruhig war aber heute habe ich wieder was zu berichten.
Und zwar war ich am Freitag bei dem Contest Face of Africa Germany (das Gesicht Afrikas).

Was ist Face of Africa Germany?

Face of Africa Germany ist ein Mode und Schönheitswettbewerb die zur Förderung der afrikanischen Mode, Kultur, Tourismus, Schönheit und Lebensart in Deutschland dient.
Ziel ist es  eine "Königin" zu finden, die Afrika in der internationalen Mode-und Modelwelt als Botschafterin für Afrodeutsche repräsentiert. Unter anderem wird es ihre Aufgabe sein, die Afrodeutschejugend in ihrer Bildung zu bestärken und zu motivieren. Sie stellt eine Vorbildsfigur dar, die eine nach einer positiven Veränderung strebt und die Marke FAO Germany repräsentiert.

And here the queen of the night. She won an modelcontract, and jewerly collections and tickets to ghana and south africa. Congrats to her!  Her name is Julee Asamoah rep. Ghana and she really deserved the crone.

left: Pinnoh (3rd) rep. Kenia // middle: Julee (1st) rep. Ghana // right: Eunice (2nd) rep. Kenia

What I wore?

Jumpsuit: asos 
Waist Belt: asos
Heels and Clutch: made in ghana 
Earrings: H&M

Rockin my mini 'fro

I also met Gerald Asamoah an well known german footballer with ghanaian roots.

I had so much fun and i hope this is a first step or chance for us blacks in germany to also reach something and get attention from others.
No more stayin in the background. We have to let others know that we are also present!
Africa is developing!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend just like me and are also enjoying the day :)

Much love xx

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