Sunday, September 29, 2013

Yesterdays Ootd

Yesterday was kind of a day where I felt like i have to dress classy but also "relaxed".

But you all know the german weather it starts with sunshine then it turns to rain, clouds and heavy winds and all that. So i decided to pack a jacket in my bag.
(It was still cold! )

But never mind!

I love skinny jeans because you all know it makes a nice bottom and nice legs ;) so I combinated it with some black lether wedge heels and an oversized jeans top.

Say cheese !

                                                                       So in love with that orange lipstick by Manhatten

So what did we all learned?
Never trust the german weather .. you'll always be fooled anyway ! haha

Wish y'all a good week

x Lori

                              Jacket: Bonprix
                              Top: Second Hand
                              Jeans: Bershka
                              Hat: H&M
                              Bag: Primark
                              Heels: H&M

Friday, September 27, 2013

Common Vintage Swap Party

Yesterday was the Common Vintage Swap Party @ Aufbauhaus in Berlin.
The design akademie  had they Social Media Week and they had a full programm for that day.
From journalism, internet workshops to the main part of the evening : The Common Vintage Swap Party.
Where I also attend with my gurl Melanie.

It took us a long time to even arrive, as you all know africans and time, long story! Haha ..
No just kidding. I love my motherland  and i'm proud by the way.

Well ! It was my first time that i'm on such an event but I really liked it. Good experience.

I met a lot of people there like the actress Franziska Mylen, very nice person by the way!

Before we could attend the party we had to change our clothes to "dollars".

At 8 pm it all started suddenly. But i have to say I was really affraid because there were to much people over there who faughted for them clothes.
I was like: Oh no no no, r u kidding ?! Haha ..
But i did my best, no bitchfight.

x Lori

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Here we go - BACK TO BLVCK!

For this season autumn/winter 2013 I think, NO I know we can go black.
Back to Black is the motto.

The trend colour black has about his 65. resurrection and deserves!

Black has emancipated itself for the coming season and replaced in autumn and winter, the colorful patterns and bright colors

No more Colour-Blocking, Pastel- and Candy-Colours, Neoncolours and pattern explosion for this season.
It's more about minimalism.

Try to keep it dezent but hip.

As you can see on my picture, I tried to look dezent but also relaxed and classy.

What do you think guys?


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Blog presentation and whats next

Y'all  gonna ask whats up next ?

First of all FaBeau stands for Fashion and Beauty !

I prefer boho, hippie, biker, rock and hipster trends.

Every second day i post something about fashion, beauty, events etc.

I try to keep it internationally thats why my blog is in english.

A little sneak peek with the photo how my blog will look like.

My motto: Back to Black !

x Lori