Tuesday, May 9, 2017


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Happy new day guys!

Have you missed my Lust List's? I honestly missed them and felt like the blog wasn't complete without my weekly craving lists. I love doing outfit posts and all but just beeing able to put a few cravings to digital paper and share them with you guys has always been so much fun. 
I'm not sure if I'll be able to continue with the tradition and post weekly but let's start all over and see where I can get things to. Uni has just been one priority in my life and I don't want to take education for granted. So please bare with me guys ..

Let's move on to today Lust List topic. I know, I know .. I've always been the one to praise black and all but I feel like whenever it's getting hot outside or just spring & summer in general I feel like trying new things, experiencing with color especially. Since I went on the natural hair journey I've began to even more love my skin complexion and understanding what beauty really means. It's not about expressing yourself through make-up or more exact superficial things. I feel like we have to go there more into depth. Beauty is about loving yourself, your roots and just celebrate ethnicity. 
Now that I've gained more knowledge I've seen that colors such as yellow, green just colorful shades tend to look so good on melannin skin. Been craving all those instagram black baddies who celebrate and embrace their color and crown which in the natural hair community stands for the afro. I'm really beginning to understand, accept and love more. 

However, I've been on so many pages and even to stores seeking colorful clothing such as yellow sunnies (which I luckily found on H&M for only 7€. Very similar to the one linked above), yellow tops and pants and so on. One thing that I'm really on the lookout for are yellow off-shoulder/cold-shoulder tops. I feel like there are not many of them out yet! Or do you know where to get those? Help a sister out haha .. Desperately looking!

Are there any colors you love to embrace while summer?

Let me know down below .. and remember to always love yourself first!

Much Love xx

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