Sunday, May 31, 2015


// Trenchcoat, Bag & Boots: H&M // Turtle Neck Tee: Asos // Dress: Alice's Pig (click here) // Sunnies: Primark // Ring: Bershka // Watch: Casio //

Happy Sunday my loves!

I don't know about you or how the weather currently is at your place but over here in Berlin I can literally feel that summer is near and I hope that you Germans also love it as much as I do and most importantly appreciate every sunshine that comes with it. I remember a few weeks ago were we literally had all season in just one day which brings me to a state now where I'm loving the outcome of the weather. 

However, the last few days has been again quite harsh on me as I told you some time ago but I'm making the best out of it and try to take the free time for blogging. So here I am and I hope you haven't missed me already. Still alive tho! By the way if you did miss me, don't hesitate to follow me on my social media accounts where I post daily. (Links in tab) Been addicted to Snapchat lately so why don't you pay me a visit? The name is: fabeautrends.

Okay .. now let me come back to business as in talking about the outfit. This oufit I wore to the Maybelline anniversary (here) that I told you about this week. If you haven't read my experience at that event. Make sure you do (here).
A while ago Alice's pig the london fashion brand hooked me up with this amazing geometric pattern dress. To be honest this isn't a dress that I would normally go for but when I saw it hanging on the rack with the mesh and the monochrome colors I needed to give it a shot and at the end of the day it was basically the dress I choosed to take. Funny right? Sometimes you need to try new things first before judging! I find myself guilty for that.

What do you think about the outfit. Any other recommendations to style this look differently?
Love to hear your thoughts ..

Have a blessed week ahead.

Much Love xx

Note: While this post has been generously sponsored by Alice's Pig, all opinions within this post are exclusively mine.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


With the amazing Slimani-Youtube family

It's been a while since I last spoke to you but the last days and weeks has been quite heavy on me. Rushing from appointment to appointment, home to work and so on. To be honest, I shouldn't be complaining of the amount of me beeing busy lately but sometimes it's tough. However, I myself choosed this lifestyle and knew what I would have to face but at the end of the day we all need some space to rest and quality time for ourselves as in staying in bed the whole day eating all kinds of sweets and candies. 

However, for those of you who follow me on Instagram, Facebook and now Snapchat (fabeautrends) know that 2 weeks ago I was at the Maybelline Make-Up Night to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Maybelline New York. It was a fun night with many many surprises, nice people and cool stuff. 
Personally, my highlight were the international celebrities who did a apperance at the event. Remember the gardener of Mrs. Solis back in the day from "Desperate Housewives"?! He was there too and literally made all the women go crazy, me including. I was able to get a very close shot of him (and the girlfriend) but though I was so close to him he still is so far. 
When I first got the invitation months ago there were things written like international celebrities are going to be there too, but apparently they didn't mentioned names which is why I literally gone crazy when Kelly Rowland showed up for a private concert. Like, how crazy is that? Always been a fan of her and her music but would have never thought of meeting her at such a event. Luckily, during her performance I was able to get a first row place where I danced like there's no tomorrow Kelly and I also had a moment. I pulled my hand up and she walked right over to me, grabbed it and danced with me. I was like: Did this really happend? It did!

The food that was served there wasn't my favourite. They had these crazy mixes of peppermint with chocolate and olives which unfortunately was so disgusting that I literally had to throw it all out. But what I found delicious was the german fried sausages with mashed potatoes along with many drinks.

All in all, a fun night that I'll never forget. I mean, come on. I danced with Kelly!! Who can say that?!

Much Love xx

Wednesday, May 20, 2015



// Trenchcoat, Bag & Boots: H&M // Tee & Pants: Soccx // Sunnies: Primark // Watch: Casio //

Happy new (mid) week guys!

As the headline already said, I'm participating in a fashion challenge that is brought to you by Soccx the women's brand (here) and this time I teamed up with the lovely photographer Melinda Rachfahl who shot this amazing pictures.

All I needed to do was to style one look with the 70's keypiece shirt and add my personal flavour to it. This white shirt is a very basic one so there are many many ways to style them up as well as down. From jeans to skirts, pants and so on, literally everything possible! I decided to go for the casual chic theme since I've been loving this style lately. I always been the cool, grungy casual type but I've recently found the chic side deep down in me. 

However, I paired the keypiece shirt with a 'Marlene' type pants that I personally think are to die for or isn't it? Don't know if you remember but a few months ago I was invited for a fashion brunch in cooperation with Soccx and Jacks Beauty Department to celebrate the new opening. If not, here you go (click). What I was trying to say it that, on that event I got to know Soccx the brand and they were acutally the ones who hooked me up with this amazing pants. 
Anyways, to add my personal note to this look I of course had to add at least some plateaus or edgy stuff. Can't get enough of these plateau boots and those whites are much more amazing than the blacks I have. 

I'll of course let you know when the voting for the challenge begins and would appreciate all your help for me to win a 250€ Soccx voucher!

Much Love xx

Friday, May 15, 2015


// Kimono: H&M // Playsuit: New Look (here) // Sandals: New Look (here) // Sunnies: Primark //

Happy Friday guys!

Festival season has already started and our annual Carneval of Cultures is soon knocking on our door as in next weekend. I'm extremely excited for that event because I always love joining the crowd and see many new cultures. It's all about having fun, getting to know many people and their origins and of course food. There are like so many dishes from many many cultures that I always love to try out. Oh .. can't it be next week already?

Now that Coachella is over and it has always been my fav festival of all. I've never been there before but I hope I can visit next year by God's grace! What I like most about festivals are of course the multitude fashion you have. To me it's basically the place to show off your style or isn't it?
For that I need to show off as well at next weeks Carneval of Cultures.
I picked out this african kinda boho inspired playsuit by New Look because I think those colors and textures goes super well with the theme which is cultures. Also added those crazy plateau sandals also from New Look which reflects my personal style as you know. I've always been the plateau loving kind and prefer them over heels.. 'Cause they're just so comfy and stylish. Quite the perfect shoes for a long carneval weekend. On top of that my beloved fringe Kimono that added a special flair to this whole look. Accessories like sunnies, rings, headpieces and so on are important essentials for a festival look this kind as well. Perhaps, the most important.
Can't wait to show off this look next weekend.

How about you? Are you attending festivals soon and what are you wearing or would wear in my case?

Much Love xx

 Note: While this post has been generously sponsored by New Look, all opinions within this post are exclusively mine.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015



Step 1: Take both dental splints and put them seperately into hot water for a easier deformation.

After 10-12 sec the dental splints start to get soft and transparent. While taking it out of the hot water avoid glueing together. Allow to let the splints cool down before putting into mouth.

Step  2: Now that the splints have cooled down put it onto the upperjaw then underjaw for at least 10 sec while pressing with fingers and tongue for it to deform. Press teeth together.

This is how it looks after deforming. You clearly can see bits of your dental impression. If not, try it one more time from step 1.

Step 3: Cut the lug off and keep the splints in the box.

Step 4: Squeeze a small amount of "Aufhellungsgel" on the splints. (Before using make sure your teeths are clean and brushed)

Step 5: Now take the "Beschleuniger" and press it onto the parts of your teeth you want to bleach. Do not close your mouth to avoid smearing the "Beschleuniger" off.

Step 6: Now put the splints onto your upper and underjaw and press teeth together for at least 5-10 min. After that, take splints out and rinse throughly. I suggest, the longer you have it on - the better the results get.

Last step: Take the "Aufhellungszahncreme" and brush teeth.
Repeat step 4-7 every morning and evening for 1 week.

Et voila!
Despite the fact that my teeth were already quite clean and almost white I could see minimal improvements such as dirt that was hidden in corners are now gone. I also felt this extra cleanliness on my teeth whenever I went over with my tongue even after 1 week.

I was one of the first people to try the new Rapid White Bleaching System that is going to be sold in drugstores like dm starting this week.

I'm not a big fan of bleaching but though I would highly recommand this home-use bleacher that is super easy and safe to use and affordable. Check out the Rapid White website (here).

Much Love xx

Note: While this post has been generously sponsored by Rapid White, all opinions within this post are exclusively mine.

Sunday, May 10, 2015


// Kimono: H&M // Turtle Neck Tee: Asos // Mesh Skirt: Gina Tricot // Sunnies: Primark // Watch: Casio // Shoes: Reno (similar here) //

Happy Sunday and Mothersday to all my lovely ladies!

Today's post is not a 'What I wore to church post' but another outfit post. I'll be sticking to the WIWTC theme next week. Promise!

However, I'm very happy to show you a new outfit that I've been literally waiting on posting in forever. The other day I already told you about a fashion show not only on the blog but also on my social media like Instagram, Facebook & Co that I attended and this is basically the outfit I wore to the show. For those of you who have been around a while now, know that I usually tend to wear more casual outfits but lately I've been also loving this chic and sexy side of me. But had to stick to my black though!

On that day my friend Jenny from loveitandmoveon and I started the day with a photoshoot session where we both shot our outfits of the day. After that we headed straight to the show where all the fun happend. And no day is completed without a good meal right? So we enjoyed delicious pizza, pasta and more at Vapiano.

Now, let me get back to my outfit. What I loved the most about it is the fringe and mesh detail and of course the monochrome vibe.
And how do you like my new leather sandals from Reno? Amazing right?
To be honest if I would have thought of Reno in the past I would have never believed that they would create such a nice and effortless shoe. Here's the clue - when I was younger I worked at Reno for a few weeks during our school internship and it literally wasn't my favourite place to shop as a 14 year old teen. I would have prefered buying shoes at H&M back in the day but things have literally changed at Reno. They have now stocked up their shoe collection with edgy and stylish pieces for the more younger range. They even got the plateau and other details I've been loving in my own collection. I can now say that they can even stand in competition with H&M and what not.

If you don't believe me check it out yourself (here).

Much Love xx

Note: While this post has been generously sponsored by Reno, all opinions within this post are exclusively mine.