Friday, September 27, 2013

Common Vintage Swap Party

Yesterday was the Common Vintage Swap Party @ Aufbauhaus in Berlin.
The design akademie  had they Social Media Week and they had a full programm for that day.
From journalism, internet workshops to the main part of the evening : The Common Vintage Swap Party.
Where I also attend with my gurl Melanie.

It took us a long time to even arrive, as you all know africans and time, long story! Haha ..
No just kidding. I love my motherland  and i'm proud by the way.

Well ! It was my first time that i'm on such an event but I really liked it. Good experience.

I met a lot of people there like the actress Franziska Mylen, very nice person by the way!

Before we could attend the party we had to change our clothes to "dollars".

At 8 pm it all started suddenly. But i have to say I was really affraid because there were to much people over there who faughted for them clothes.
I was like: Oh no no no, r u kidding ?! Haha ..
But i did my best, no bitchfight.

x Lori

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