Tuesday, December 9, 2014






Only two more weeks till it's finally christmas and I bet some of you aren't fully prepared or ready yet. Some may haven't bought any gifts yet (me till now) and some don't have festive outfits yet.

Speaking of outfits sometimes it seems really hard to find the perfect match to go for the event so I created some sets together just as an idea for those who are still kinda clueless and clearly don't know which road to go for all the up-coming christmas events you'll probably attend.

As christimas is basically family time I guess all of us will spend at least one day of christmas with the family at home having a blast meal together. For this kind of occasion I would go for a comfy yet chic outfit and in no way for a tight dress. Because with all the eating you need to wear something where you'll have lot of space in with your later"food baby".
But mainly all of my picks would be appropriate for every occasion. Whether you go to a party or you have dinner with your closest people, at the end of the day you have to feel comfortable in your dress. That's why I mentioned before that this are just a few ideas of mine to give you a small hint on this.

Therefore I came across the online shop FASHION ID who provide lots of dresses for female, male and kids fashion from different brands. Based on their big collection you'll find fashion for every type and as well the products are of high-quality.

 If you are curious for more dresses or if my picks did not match your type just click here to have more options.

Much Love xx

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