Sunday, November 26, 2017


Happy Cyber weekend guys!

Hope my Americans did spent a great Thanksgiving with loved ones.
For all of you like myself living in Europe where Thanksgiving isn't really a thing - I hope you still got to take advantage of all the "black friday" and upcoming "cyber monday" sales.

I for myself did a ton of shopping due to christmas season and just for the sake of the weather changing rapidily into the cold. Grabbed some amazing turtlenecks and suede pieces even a New Year's Eve look already.
Suede really is a thing right now huh?

Other from that, the new fragrance by Jean Paul Gaultier dropped a few months ago and I luckily got sent with it by the lovely team at Flaconi.
I already told you guys before about Flaconi. An online website where you can shop all things beauty and especially perfume within Germany and Austria.
Since let me tell you guys - perfume is not cheap in stores! But here you actually get off with great prices that are much more reasonable!

So back to SCANDAL .. that's what the name of the new fragrance on the market is called.
Let's first talk about that dramatic packaging. I mean, just look at it with them sexy legs on top. So scandalous right? It's really making up to it's name!

To me, it's a perfect scent for an independent women who's standing with both feet in life, knowing exactly what she want's and can have. Oh and of course who is self-confident and loves to feel sexy here and then.
The scent contains of sweet honey, grapefruit & patchouli.

And as for cyber weekend the scent actually is on sale at the moment. Grab it here (click).
I got you covered ;)

Let me know all the bargains you could gather during black friday.

Have a lovely week.

Much Love xx

Note: While this post has been generously sponsored by Flaconi,, all opinions within this post are exclusively mine.


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