Wednesday, December 3, 2014


// Coat, Pulllover, Leggins, Hat: H&M // Watch: Primark // Boots: Zara //

Happy new month lovelies!

I can't believe that we're really facing the last month of this year guys! I can even barely remember what I did during the whole year and autumn was honestly too short this year. Now we're stucked with cold weather and snow ..ugh

But besides the stupid weather that winter has to offer there are positive points as well.
Such as Christmas and New Years Eve. I always love when it comes to Christmas time aka family time, food time & gift time. During that time I always gain weight which is totally normal right? 
My saying is that, if you haven't gained weight at least 2 kilos on x-mas you clearly did something wrong and didn't enjoy yourself that much. If you didn't know, now you know lol. It is literally the time where you can eat whatever you want to without any regreting and excuses. I'm extremly excited but I haven't bought any presents yet. Need to hurry!

With all that x-mas talking I almost forgot the main part of this post which is my outfit that I had on yesterday. It's a quite comfy look but still ladylike. For me in autumn/winter is all about dressing cozy such as in warm leggins, sweatpants, cozy pullover and so on. Important and very stylish essentials are of course a mantle (which you'll never go wrong with) and hats. I love hats but still got like only 2 yet and tons of beanies. 
I also finally wore my red chelsea kinda rain boots that I purchased long time ago at Zara. I guess I was too much obsessed with my black platform boots that I recently wore in most of my posts.

But anyways, it's your last capture of 2014, so make the best out of it!

Much Love xx

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