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Step 1: Take both dental splints and put them seperately into hot water for a easier deformation.

After 10-12 sec the dental splints start to get soft and transparent. While taking it out of the hot water avoid glueing together. Allow to let the splints cool down before putting into mouth.

Step  2: Now that the splints have cooled down put it onto the upperjaw then underjaw for at least 10 sec while pressing with fingers and tongue for it to deform. Press teeth together.

This is how it looks after deforming. You clearly can see bits of your dental impression. If not, try it one more time from step 1.

Step 3: Cut the lug off and keep the splints in the box.

Step 4: Squeeze a small amount of "Aufhellungsgel" on the splints. (Before using make sure your teeths are clean and brushed)

Step 5: Now take the "Beschleuniger" and press it onto the parts of your teeth you want to bleach. Do not close your mouth to avoid smearing the "Beschleuniger" off.

Step 6: Now put the splints onto your upper and underjaw and press teeth together for at least 5-10 min. After that, take splints out and rinse throughly. I suggest, the longer you have it on - the better the results get.

Last step: Take the "Aufhellungszahncreme" and brush teeth.
Repeat step 4-7 every morning and evening for 1 week.

Et voila!
Despite the fact that my teeth were already quite clean and almost white I could see minimal improvements such as dirt that was hidden in corners are now gone. I also felt this extra cleanliness on my teeth whenever I went over with my tongue even after 1 week.

I was one of the first people to try the new Rapid White Bleaching System that is going to be sold in drugstores like dm starting this week.

I'm not a big fan of bleaching but though I would highly recommand this home-use bleacher that is super easy and safe to use and affordable. Check out the Rapid White website (here).

Much Love xx

Note: While this post has been generously sponsored by Rapid White, all opinions within this post are exclusively mine.

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