Wednesday, May 20, 2015



// Trenchcoat, Bag & Boots: H&M // Tee & Pants: Soccx // Sunnies: Primark // Watch: Casio //

Happy new (mid) week guys!

As the headline already said, I'm participating in a fashion challenge that is brought to you by Soccx the women's brand (here) and this time I teamed up with the lovely photographer Melinda Rachfahl who shot this amazing pictures.

All I needed to do was to style one look with the 70's keypiece shirt and add my personal flavour to it. This white shirt is a very basic one so there are many many ways to style them up as well as down. From jeans to skirts, pants and so on, literally everything possible! I decided to go for the casual chic theme since I've been loving this style lately. I always been the cool, grungy casual type but I've recently found the chic side deep down in me. 

However, I paired the keypiece shirt with a 'Marlene' type pants that I personally think are to die for or isn't it? Don't know if you remember but a few months ago I was invited for a fashion brunch in cooperation with Soccx and Jacks Beauty Department to celebrate the new opening. If not, here you go (click). What I was trying to say it that, on that event I got to know Soccx the brand and they were acutally the ones who hooked me up with this amazing pants. 
Anyways, to add my personal note to this look I of course had to add at least some plateaus or edgy stuff. Can't get enough of these plateau boots and those whites are much more amazing than the blacks I have. 

I'll of course let you know when the voting for the challenge begins and would appreciate all your help for me to win a 250€ Soccx voucher!

Much Love xx

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