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It's been a while guys since we last spoke, which is why I'm glad to be back with a new and different post to keep you updated on all things that happened lately. The last couple of weeks I've been putting myself busy with loads of projects. The Blogger Apartment was one of it. Perhaps, some of you already heard about it on my social media & stuff.

Together with my business partner Samah from mswishlist we decided to build a platform for bloggers from all over the globe to basically connect and interact with brands and experience new things together. For me it has been always a struggle to interact with bloggers esp. bloggers from different countries and origins that personally inspire me in real life since I don't get that much often away from Germany. Over here in Berlin there are like so many bloggers but none of them slightly ever came up with a plan we had. We wanted to create something new and innovative to also have the abbility to reach out to a bigger range and inspire people to get out of their comfort zone and basically start creating things. I'm not saying that you need to come up with a masterplan but at least set up goals, try to get to your dreams and make them happen. When I started blogging I've never even in the slightest thought on going that way. I just wanted to blog for myself but now that I've set up this new thing - I want more. Yes, the last couple of weeks has been my busiest and literally brought me on my own limits sometimes but I'm even more glad and proud of myself that I made it.

Before I continue talking about my feelings lol .. Let me get to our project and what we came up with this week. We invited 6 other bloggers from Germany to London, Norway & Sweden to stay with us at our apartment during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin.

The Blogger Apartment girls edition 1

 For the week we had a full schedule. On the first day which was Monday we had dinner together at the apartment to all get to know each other. For that we've been hooked up with delicious food by Thamm Catering who surprised us with very yummy fingerfood for basically every type of tastes. From vegan & vegetarian food to the meaty option. Everything covered up.

On the second day we of course started with a healthy and good breakfast (made by yours truly ;P) to start the busy fashion week.

We also had bunch of shows for the week. First off, we started with the amazing Pearly Wong show who showed off with amazing monochrome and unique designs. Was defo one of my fav shows seen the week.

After the show we shot our Forever 21 outfits at a very nice and known place in Berlin. We basically shooted where I always tend to shoot my outfit pics. Can't get enough of that place and it's different and beautiful backgrounds. Today I'm not going to show you the looks since we prepared something special. So, stay tuned!

A highlight over the week for me was the Dimitri show as well. He is such a talented and amazing designer and I was so happy to watch his show from one of the frontrows where I got a amazing filled goodie-bag.

CO TE oh CO TE .. Amazing designers! Amazing collection! Amazing seats! What more shall I say?

Barre Noire with its amazing women & menswear

Well, that's it for the shows. We had more of them but unfortunately we couldn't make  it to all of them ..

For our lovely bloggers we decided to organise a Beauty Day at the apartment. Therefore, we got a lovely visit by Feray Henna Design a very talented and successful artist who hooked us up with such amazing henna designs. Video coming up soon ..

Refreshments by Wilson's The Prime Rib

Behind the scenes

Goodies by CD, St. Tropez & Original Source for the Beauty Day

Watch by VALMANO

Bracelet by Leaf Jewellery

Beauty Day: Side Event @ Hashmag Blogger Lounge

On Thursday we had a "Come Together" first with the crew of Maybelline New York who brought us those lovely purple Goodie-Bags with make-up in it. Isn't that just cute of them? We spoke about lot of things, one of them was bloggers working with beauty brands and many more.

From our meet-up with Maybelline Newyork

Our evening "Come Together" was with Berlin Bloggers & some friends who visited us though fashion week is always so busy. Thanks for stopping by guys. It was so much fun having you! Also thank you to Bionade, Katlenburger Kellerei & Wilson's The Prime Rib for hooking us up with drinks & food to enlighten our little party.

Shooting time in front of the Brandenburger Gate & tents with our bloggers

Our very own shuttle-service during the week by Interline.
The fact that we had a shuttle-service with our own chaffeur made things so much easy for us. I mean imagine us girls running through the streets of Berlin in high-heels and rushing from event to event. Would have been so nervracking and a lot painful! Thank you Interline for the rescue.

And for the last stop of fashion week we already had to say goodbye to our 2 lovely bloggers from Norway who had to take a early flight back.. But that didn't hold us up from wrapping the week up at the Fashionblogger Café by styleranking follwed by a long shopping tour. Fun times!

There is only one thing left to say .. I'm so thankful that everthing worked out even over our expectations. Thanks to our bloggers: Juliette from Romeo's Fashion Fix, Shope from Sassy Black, Jackie from Mikuta, Kira from Callmeshopaholic, Tsutsumi & Alex from Giggles & Dimples
for coming out and making the week a fun and special one for us!! WE LOVE YOU GUYS <3

Pictures by the ever so talented Mikuta & yours truly (she did the professional ones tho

Also a big thanks to our very generous sponsors who made the week happen:
St. Tropez
Leaf Jewellery
Katlenburger Kellerei
Forever 21
Maybelline New York
Original Source
Wilson's the Prime Rib
Thamm Catering
Feray Henna Design 

It's just the beginning guys! Looking forward to our future plans. Follow us on Instagram & Facebook to stay updated .. YouTube channel coming soon ..

 Much Love xx

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