Friday, September 4, 2015


Happy Friday guys!

A couple months ago I got to try a new homebleaching product from Rapid White and I absolutely loved it! It came in a whole bleaching kit with many stuff in it. (post here) 
but for this time, as soon as I heard that they have a new product on line I sure had to go for it. I've always heard a lot about bleaching strips and when I found out that Rapid White has it on offer I was more than happy to try. The package of the Bleaching Strips Kit came with the "Beschleuniger" & of course the strips which we have 14 of and that's it. They also promise that this method is going to bring whiter teeth within 5 days which is quite impressive since the other kit works in at least a week.
But here we go. I'll let you know the steps as usual and at the end of it I'll let you know my opinion on this product.

Step 1: (teeth has to be brushed before applying)
- take one package of the strips, open it and put it aside for the next step

Step 2:
- now it's time to take the "Beschleuniger"
- press it on each teeth you want to whiten but make sure not to close your mouth while doing so, since it can be easily removed by the lips

Last step:
- now take one strip each and press it on the upper jaw then lower jaw
- let it in for at least 5 min. then rinse out with water
- mind eating for at least 15 min.

... that's pretty much it! Make sure to repeat every morning & evening

Before                                                               After

As you can see, I don't have perfect teeth I've never had! From time to time I do struggle with little yellow areas on my teeth as well but since we're all human I guess we all go through the same right?
From the outcome, I can say that I'm fully impressed. I mean the process only took me half the time I had with the other product. It's easy, fast & it's effective!

But ..and here comes the big but (no, just kidding, just a small but haha) .. I had some struggles during the process and I'm not gonna hide those from you! During the last step which is the one while pressing the strips on your teeth I felt kinda disgusted by the taste of it. I know I'm not supposed to eat the strips but to be honest if you have those in your mouth for like minutes there's no way you can avoid to swallow. But in case of the function it pretty much does it's job and as long as it does that I'm all fine with the taste and it's a weird, sweet taste just for instance..

Have an awesome weekend guys!

Much Love xx

Note: While this post has been generously sponsored by Rapid White, all opinions within this post are exclusively mine.

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