Tuesday, February 14, 2017


// Dress: Missguided // Boots: H&M //

Happy Val's Day my loves!

I hope you get to spend an amazing day with your loved ones. Get out, do something special and show the people you love some appreciation. If it may be the cause that your not in a relationship or whatsoever at least show your parents some love for raising you up until the very now and I know that parenthood isn't something easy at all! I grew up in a household of 6 kids as I always say and I sometimes had to take part in parenting which I always loved to do althought my little brother and sisters sometimes got the best out of me .. I'm just saying, get out, show some love, be kind - you get the deal ;)

However, as promised I'm back again with my last official fashion week outfit post. The next one to follow will be my fashion week recap with all experience and things I got to see once again. As I said the last time, my outfit picking had to go pretty fast as I did my fittings super last minute but though I'm happy with how I looked throughout the week. Not that I looked like a super jerk or whatever. 

I'm kinda having this thing for chokers at the moment. I mean, how come not? They're literally everywhere and to me always a good highlight to pop up my simple looks even if you're super casual it just adds some edgyness to it.
As I speak, I just received another package of well mainly chokers haha! Never ending story.
Until next time my loves ..

Much Love xx

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