Wednesday, August 20, 2014


  ~ Silence is a true friend who never betrays ~

 // Jersey: BB Jeans Amsterdam // Pants: Weekday // Shoes: small store in Amsterdam // Clutch: Primark // Bracelet: XII-XIII // Headpiece: Ebay //

First off I thought its officially still summer but I was wrong in that point because in Berlin its getting colder and colder. Feeling like we've entered fall already!
But anyway fall is one of my fav season so I guess I can cope with the early start.

However in one of my last posts I promised to provide you with some gatherings of my Holland trip.
The jersey and snail printed black slip ons were one of my favourite pieces I could receive.
And I'm so in love with the mesh deatil on my jersey but not only with that, also with the colours. I love black but white isn't bad at all. Its a great match together and I always wanted a jersey like that so bad and luckily I have it now. Thank god!

Any thoughts?

Much Love xx

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