Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Well here I am once again back at the blogging stuff after a few weeks. During my vacation to the Netherlands I really missed the whole blogging world to be honest and the fact that I couldn't really keep up with you guys was terrible! Sadly, I forgot my laptop in Germany (yes, I really did!)  so it wasn't possible to post anything earlier.

But nevertheless, I had the most amazing time but I feel like I'll be only able to share a tiny fraction of the experiences that I enjoyed over the past seven days.

However Zaandam is the town where I got to know Netherland in a quite silent way. Simply because it's a small town with not so many people living, many houses and lakes.  But at least I could escape from work and relax in my aunties garden where I used to spend most of my time.
For me as a city girl it was something new and different to live under such circumtances and I felt like there is still some action missing, esp. I needed space to shop, time for sightseeing and to get to know the famous fashion metropole more better.

Keyword: Amsterdam

Oh I so loved Amsterdam - small city full of enjoyments, sophisicated people and shops to die for.
There is a specific street with so many different stores that is named .. ehm well I actually forgot the name but I guess it's the only street that has plenty of stuffs to offer.
Whatsoever, if you finally reach there you'll make your own impression and probably shop till you drop, seriously. Shops that I don't even know that they do exist.
But don't worry I'll be showing you my gatherings in one of my next posts, I promise.

My fam and I also visited the theme park Efteling near Amsterdam and it was so much fun. Just for the record, I asked for action, well there I got action! From rollercoaster to haunted houses, major food and so on. Normally I would never go on rollercoasters but I really did and not the smaller types, no! the huge ones with loopings, water and fire elements and going from up to down. I was really proud of myself.

But let me tell you something those holland people have the most weirdest language ever. It's sounds like a mix of arabic, english and german just in one haha but at least they seemed to be nice people.

As summer is nearly coming to an end, I would love to know how you got to spent your summer so far?

Much Love xx

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