Friday, October 24, 2014


Hey everybody!

Here is just a quick post about things and stuffs that I've been obsessed lately via Tumblr and mostly Instragram, Who has been following me on Instagram knows that I'm literally addicted to it, I really am haha!

However I love everything that has to deal with minimalism. If it's an interior design, fashion or just photography, I do love them all. Due the autumn time I'm also trying to stick more to the minimalistic road as autumn used to be a chilly quite lazy season for me.
Black and white don't have to mention cause you already know are one of my favourite colours.

Since I've been seeing the preview fashion show of Alexander Wang I fell in love with some pieces immediately,
The cozy grey sweater. I simply love it! So I'm obessively trying to get at least the sweater of the collection, Wish me luck that it won't be too expensive.

Any trends that you've been up to lately?

Much Love xx

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