Saturday, October 11, 2014


// Beanie & Sweater: Shisha brand // Boots: Boohoo //

It has been really more than 2 weeks since I was away from this whole blogger life. You may have recognize my absence and silence on my blog lately and first off I want to apologize. Sadly my laptop was damaged and I tried to get it fixed during the whole time but the reparation took so long and I am so happy that I finally have my laptop back not only to keep up with you guys but also to keep you on all things updated. It was really the baddest time to happen as I am now free more than ever and not working anymore. So that's that ..

Anyway I am very happy to introduce you a german street and sportswear brand which is Shisha Brand.
Their fashion is basically for everyone men and female who love to get dress for the beach, street whatever. You can wear it wherever you want to. I got the chance to choose 2 pieces from their online collection and I immediately go for it and picked up this very cool and cozy kinda long sweater and beanie. 
I deciced to go for a sweater and beanie instead of shirts (and honestly they have lots of amazing tee's) because for autumn this pieces are just perfect. It wasn't even that hard for me to combine those pieces together. They totally did a good match and I simply had to add only a few pieces. 
However I can highly suggest to check their website out  with amazing varieties that everyone would love to have in their closet. 
Simple, egdy and of high quality.
Even if you are based in Germany you don't have to pay any shipping costs, it's free!

So go for it and check it out! (here)

Have a good day ..

Much Love xx 

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