Saturday, November 29, 2014


// Mesh shirt: store in Amsterdam // Coat: H&M // Fluffy scarf: asos // Slip-ons: Amsterdam // Headpiece: Ebay //

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with the fam. I myself I'm right now enjoying all of the sales that these holidays are bringing with. Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday deals ..
Yesterday I did some late night shopping and bought some really really nice pieces and I even could tick some things out of my to buy list/wishlist. So stay tuned for that.

Todays post is about a fashion event that some of my friends and I attended last weekend. 
A fashion party so called with hotchocolate for this ridiculous cold weather, american tattoos and vintage shopping. I didn't get tatted because I am too much of a pussy but in other news my co-blogger aka photographer Romy did.
 Speaking of the weather - it is so cold that every time I go out my body esp. hands and feet are freezing  like it was already winter. Bad news for me and all the livings in Germany is that over here in Berlin city it's going to snow the coming week. I ain't ready for this!!
Now I got to a part where I'm literally done enjoying autumn a little bit and I'm free for spring and summer to come! Let's skip this winter please!

Much Love xx

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