Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Twist out - Go natural

Now something about beauty.

As you know we africans are changing our hairstyles like our pants. Thats the truth!

From straight to curls,

 from red to blond,


 from short to long etc.

As for me I dont want to damage my hair totally so I decided to make twist (for the first time).
Twist are like rasta but they kinda screwed like the name already say.
It protects your hair and helps them to grow, not like weaves which makes your hair break.

And now finally after less than 2 months  I'm having my "twists out".
Here the result:

I'm lovin my 'fro and i think I'm going natural for a while.

Products for better results:    Conditioner
                                            Natural Shampoo
                                            Hair and Scalp Cream

No heat or machine and NO relaxer!

What do you think?

x Lori


  1. Schöner Post. Ich würde den Post-Bereich nur etwas breiter machen, weil man die Sachen in der Sidebar sonst nicht so richtig sehen kann^^

    Liebe Grüße,
    My Style Room

  2. Und du brauchst noch dringend Buttons, damit man dir folgen kann (GFC, Bloglovin', Blog Connect,...)...