Sunday, November 22, 2015


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Another week has gone by and we're almost in December .. sheesh! Time's flying so quick guys. I feel like 2015 has just started but apparently we're almost facing the end. What have I been up to the last months? Neither do I know ..

However, since I've started college I decided to do a college related Lust List. 
As a matter of fact, the way I dress on the blog is basically how I also dress in college (probably more basic though) ..
What I really like wearing to college is of course something comfy such as a oversized coat, sweatpants and even more, bomberjackets which I think can not be worn as often that it's already snowing. Yeah .. you heard me right! We're already were "lucky" enough to "enjoy" bits of snow. You guys know, that I'm not that much of a winter person. I prefer the warmer season but in terms of coldness, autumn is just right to me. Not too cold and not too hot .. what am I even talking? We're basically in autumn and it's already snowing. Something's going way wrong! But in my mind, I'm still holding on to at least some bright, snowless days. Any anti-winter person around here except me? haha

Have a lovely Sunday guys!

Much Love xx

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