Wednesday, December 16, 2015


// Coat: Monki // Shirt: Esprit Men // Jeans: Cheap Monday // Hat: New Yorker // Boots: H&M //

Happy Mid-Week everyone!

How have you all been? .. if you ask me I've been busy ever since with studies, work and other things.  No new news! Tried not to disappear for too long but apparently it's tough getting all things in order. 

However, I did try my best and at least kept you updated on my Snapchat (fabeautrends) where I most of the time snapped about the random things in my life recently. Hoped you enjoyed those. 
I also did post on my Snapchat that I was literally hunting for the perfect winter coat since it's obviously getting  'hella cold .. and guess what? I found the perfect one! 
When it comes to choosing winter stuff I don't like going for jackets, I prefer the warm and cozy, oversized coats. The bigger, the best! (and of course black).
Friends from uni calling me crazy for not wanting a jacket and following fashion but hello .. I found both. A fashionable, effortless coat that can keep me warm. I also recently got hooked up by Esprit with this very nice shirt that I found at the men's section. Fell in love the moment I saw it.

In other news, I managed to get most of the x-mas shopping done which I'm very happy about. I come from a big family so it's always giving me a tough time getting the perfect gifts. But yes, made it! 

Are you excited for x-mas such as I am? Bet you are ..

Speak soon ..

Much Love xx

Pictures by Lois
Edits by me

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