Thursday, October 20, 2016


Squad-ting! .. but me kinda like always on the phone as per usual haha

// Top & Bottom: Forever 21 // Clutch: Monki // Cap & Leather Jacket: H&M // Adidas Stan Smith: Foot Locker //

Still remember me?
It's been literally ages. When I first logged into my blog a few weeks ago I honestly couldn't believe for a second that I've been off the blogosphere for about 3 months now. Shocking, I know!

All I can recking is that, I had uni break and then had to go through tough exams at that time (spent days & nights at the library) and then all of a sudden I ended up in Bavaria where I spent the most amazing week with the boy. First time being in Munich and also attending the October's Feast. Fun - I can tell! I'm not a drinker so to me it was kinda akward being surrounded all those drunk people who had the times of their lifes. But still did I had a great time. U gotta be openminded for new things once in a while and so I did.
So, basically, time flew like crazy and I haven't checked in with you for so long. Let me give you a short update: I'm still in uni hustling .. (yaay!), still living in Frankfurt, got a new hairstyle which you can check on my Instagram (here). Did my first attempt in sewing a lace closure wig. Did pretty well to be honest .. and well I'm now in a relationship which can partly explain me going all MIA. Don't be too tough on me guys!

Anyways, first period of fashion week in Berlin is of course over but I still had pics to share with you and my favourite look I wore. Just for instance, you might be seeing some summerly looks of me now and then on the blog coming up since I couldn't make the time to set up any posts while I was hustling and whatsoever. So don't think I'm all going cray cray posting summer looks whilst it's obvi' autumn. Favourite season by the way as you guys know.

Digging the look?

Much Love xx

 Pics by Moe Photography

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