Wednesday, December 7, 2016


You heard it right guys! I'm running another giveaway; so stick up to the very end with me to get all the details how to enter ..

As christmas season is just around the corner I wanted to do a christmas gifting related post as I'm aware of it how hard it can get to find the right gifts for your loved ones. Basically, every year I do immense brainstorming on what to buy for my family and friends and I can tell you that it's not that easy!
I come from a household of 8 people,  including of 6 kids and the parents. Luckily, we only have 2 guys in the house whom are always giving me such a hard time to find gifts for.
I find it so much easy to go into the city or online and buy stuff for the ladies cause I obviously am also one haha. We women usually know what things to gift each other but on the other side are clueless what the gents could possibly like for christmas. Maybe it's just me ...

After a lot of digging and research I came up with the idea - why not buy something that could be a benefit for both parties. Something to take care of their skin care and apperance since we all somehow need to look out for that ones in a while ..

This year around I've teamed up with Braun to hopefully make gifitng much easier. Personally, I just find the Braun Series 3 (click) or in general a razor a perfect fit for the gents or in this term my daddy. It comes in a clean, nice design as well as it has good quality (my boyfriend so said)
However, since my daddy first of all has a beard and secondly always takes so much time getting it into shape and stuff like that you know I'll defo go with that this year.
And as for my mumy, I just know her favourite scent in parfums so I think this year I'm going with a parfum and maybe an extra. BUT I on the other hand would be very pleased (if I wouldn't have had it already) to get an epilator since I'm kinda stressing my skin daily with a shaver. 
Hate it that I'll spend the morning shaving only to get home after a long day and find my legs hairy again. So an epilator will pretty much do the work for me especially for summer season that well is not quite yet but for sure coming.
The new Silk Epil 5 Wet & Dry epilator by Braun (click) comes with changeable tools to make the process easier and also exfoliation tools. I for the first time used an epilator and I'm not gonna lie, if you're a beginner such as I am you can't avoid the pain. It'll get better from time to time but at first there honestly are no excuses. My tip, do it while taking a bath (since it can be used in or out the water) and that preferably in the evening since you don't want to have itchy, red skin throughout the day. It made the process a lot comforting for me beeing in the tub. Not to forget will you be getting rid of the hairs for at least 4 weeks which truly is a blessing. No more daily shavings, itchy skin & dryness after.

But let's now come straight to the point, I know that you've been waiting for this ;)
This time the giveaway is held on my facebook page (here) and you'll be able to win either the Braun Series 3 rasor or the Braun Silk Epil 5 Wet & Dry before christmas!! The winner is going to be choosen randomly and will be contacted by the Braun team.
Enter in just easy steps (here).

Happy gifting!

Much Love xx

Note: While this post has been generously sponsored by Braun #sponsoredbybraun,, all opinions within this post are exclusively mine.

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