Wednesday, April 12, 2017


// Jeans Jacket: Vintage // Off-Shoulder Top: Dresslink // Jeans: JustFab // Socks: Lamoda // Sneaker: Foot Locker Europe (click here) //

Good day guys!

For a fact, I dont even know where to start .. let's just say a lot has been going on in my life recently. I'll go into detail just now. From an inner, mental study block to passing all my exams I had to accomplish within the semester. It's been a tough and rough year but all glory be to God I manage to pass all of them, which I'm very proud and happy of.
I've been literally waking up early, going to the library, having a short break then continue with studies to then go home and get some rest. This was literally my schedule on a day to day basis. Nobody said studying isn't going to be all that easy and I figured!

Other from that have I been on holidays just a week ago and it was well needed. I've travelled to Santander, Spain with the boyfriend and enjoyed a wonderful one week with great weather and beautiful beaches. I've never been to Spain before. Santander was my first and defo not my last. Eeeexcept the fact that the people out there didn't really know how to speak proper english like clearly none, which gave us a tough time to communicate and move ourselves in the city .. I'll be back again.

In other news, my 22nd birthday is just 2 days away and I'm just so thrilled to celebrate. Excited for my birthday and easter with the family and all ..How are you going to spend easter?

Oh and before I forget, are you digging this look as much as I do? Loving the tumblr-ishy vibe that is happening here. All denim and swaggy. Big thanks to my friends at Foot Locker Europe for sending over the Puma Suede Hearts Reset in yellow. Color right? Thought as for spring I should change up things a little.

Speak soon ..

Much Love xx

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