Sunday, August 6, 2017


// Top & Pants: Zara // Boots: H&M // Glasses: Custom made by Brille24 // Bag: Abury (click here) //

Happy Sunday!
It's been a while you guys .. again! Missing those days when I posted like at least once a week. Being at university and at the same time trying to be present on social media and all is nothing easy from what I can tell. I admire each and everyone who can manage such a busy schedule and still being able to post so regulary. To me, its nothing easy and to be honest and I've said it like multiple times (I know) but I've have to set my priorities and to me education comes before everything. Without a degree at the end of the day nothing makes sense.

However, as you all know fashion week was one month ago and I did attend most of the shows and events despite the fact of still visiting uni. 
I had great company of Eliza from Fashion Confession and my partner in crime and business partner Samah who I created Blogger Apartment with.
Speaking of which, due to the Blogger Apartment we collab with many fashion and beauty brands and Abury was one of them which I was very happy of. What I love about Abury is that they're really concious of which fabrics to choose and to produce. It's all about celebrating ethinicity, raising awareness in this superficial world. Their these season collection is all about Morocco as you might tell from the tribal vibe seen above.

 All three of us got hooked up with such amazing bags. I mean, aren't they just lovely? Mine is the straw and leather canteen bag Ivan.
We did get a lot of compliments wearing these badass out to fashion week. And guess what, they're on sale. Handmade pieces for the win haaha!

Wishing you a great week ahead. I'll be off to many places due to semester break. Just came back from an event I had the other day in Oberhausen with Garnier. Was so much fun!

Much Love xx

Pictures by Vadim Photography

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