Saturday, May 13, 2017


// Crop Top & Coat: Monki // Pants: Oasis // Sneaker: Foot Locker Europe (click here) //

Happy Saturday!

We made it to the weekend yay! Time to get some rest and some fun time right?
As for me, I don't have that much planned for the weekend as I have to study like a lot. 
Exams are due in just 3 weeks. After that I can finally enjoy bits of the sun as well.
Today we were lucky though. We had like 18 celcius and so much sun. The next days are just going to be as great. Hard to focus on studying but I'll survive.

In todays post I'm wearing the new runners by Adidas. The Adidas Iniki Runner to be exact. I've seen this sneaker all over the internet and my friends at Foot Locker's were kind enough to again send me these. I so love the simplicity of these and the color choice. 
The Iniki's are specialized as the name already tells, running. However, basically for all kinds of sports. But since I'm not doing that much of sports (as in none ..yet) I'll rock them as my everyday kicks because their so comfy. Kinda makes me wanna rethink my habit of not doing any sports. Maybe I'll get to that, now that I own some runners in my sneaker collection. We'll see about that.

Until then, enjoy your weekend ..

Much Love xx

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