Thursday, October 17, 2013

Are you a Fashion Hero?

Wohooo .. Did you see Fashion Hero last night on Prosieben?
I did!
It was so amazing. I couldn't stop smiling :)

You don't know what FASHION HERO is ?!
Then I'm going to tell you!

Its a fashion show of course but all about the designers not the models!
The designers have to proove themselves in that show. They have to impress the shoopers from Karstadt, s. Oliver and asos.
If they get NO OFFER they didnt make it to the next round but if they do they get in the designers loft and earn real money for they collection.
So thats it a little impression of the show.
Every wednesday at 8.15 pm on Prosieben.

My Favourite pieces from the fist show last week was this shirt by Marco Hantel.
Have a look ..

Gorgeous right ?
I love that deep neck .. kind of sexy ! And the colours ..ahhhhh !!

And here my fav pieces of the second show yesterday.

By Jila & Jale for asos

Unfortunately sold out!
I didnt get one.
I looked over the online shop and wanted to buy it now! But nooo ! SOLD OUT 
 Poor me :(


Dress and Blazer with Trouser by Timm Süßbrich for Karstadt.
Must Haves !

Are you a Fashion Hero ?
I am ...

So don't miss Wednesdays 8.15 pm on Prosieben.

x Lori

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