Thursday, October 10, 2013

Second Hand Shopping and Places to be in Berlin City

Like I promised.
Now finally my post about Second Hand shopping!

Girls can't get enough from shopping, we all know that. It's an addiction!
It's a fact. Boys don't try to change that otherwise you will get in trouble!


We all compare it with the words: bleak, dirty, ugly, cheap ...
 secondhand is not as bleak as it was before!
Clothes from secondhand shops are now totally trendy. Celebreties like Sienna Miller, Kate Moss are wearing them too.

We have shops with designerlines/ pieces and small "Kiez stores" where you can find the sales and cheapest things.

My Tipps for secondhand shopping:

- find a friend to go with, together it  is more fun!
- catch more  opportunities at Happy Hours
- my last point I think I dont have to tell because it's clear, to wash your things at home
(I even wash the things I bought  if its new from H&M, Gina Tricot, that doesnt't matter..)

 AND :
here are my favourite secondhand shops in Berlin and they worth it:

Made in Berlin (in Mitte)

There you can find designerpieces from the 60s but also clothes from the line Burberry, Nike etc.

Colours (in Kreuzberg)

 Lots of vintage stuff, nice Basics.
At Colours you can also buy for example 1 kilo of clothes for 15-17 €.

 Soeur (in Prenzlauer Berg)

There you can find clothes by Marc jacobs, CloƩ for less!

Last but not least:

Trash Schick (in Friedrichshain)

There you can find very cheap clothes with quality. Clothes for 1€

Hope I could help you. And follow my tipps as well ;)

x Lori

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